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[report]They were jumpers further verbiage...
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By austrotard
I wonder how our drakian mate in alberta is getting on?

if there's one thing austrians know aboot it's bush fires.
and piss.

and good looking women.

and tight borders.

and fuck all else.

long live the cc!
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By fatman
austrotard wrote:I wonder how our drakian mate in alberta is getting on?
he's on the other side of the province, but it's drier than a popcorn fart where he's at.

hoping the sparks don't take a stroll....
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By Deadwestern
[report]A Parable of Perspective

The difference between your reflection in a mirror, and your reflection on the surface of the water can be simplified down to the medium, or pondered to great depths. Never have I looked so dark and wavering as I do looking down from this slant. In the eyes of the pond I am but a cruel mistress bent on destruction, dark and wavering. I wonder, am I so dark and wavering? The mirror shows me but the opposite, well lit and perfectly steady.

Perspective is a bitch.

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