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By Redchaser
RonRatliff wrote:Im just glad I'll be guiding this month!!
So is Lurgee.
By Kylemc
nemo wrote:people bitch about their work and make fun of others? Who knew? This is a travesty!

I just like the quotes. Every guide should have a collection of the "Do you want to go ahead and spook him or should I?" type of responses in the back pocket. It takes the right kind of client, sure, but nothing breaks tension better than a laugh—even if it sometimes comes at their expense.
I like to start by saying, "let's just go out and limit out on smiles guys". that is usually followed by blank stares then laughter.
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By Lando
I had a 74 year-old grandma and her son on Saturday. We had the best time.....smiles had by all. I didn't even mind pushing out the last 1/3 of the float so she could get over the mountain before it got dark. I wish every trip was like that one.
Good times sans Mitch
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By DayTripper
My favorite, stolen from Mr Dunn- "Nice Cast"

Client: Man, I just learned more from you in the first 15 minutes than I learned during all of the other times I've been out combined- and I've been out like 3 or 4 times.
Me: Thanks, that means a lot.
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By Fishwater
After spending the first day in the hotel with a raging fever, my buddy joins me tarpon fishing in KW on day two. I haven't seen him cast in quite some time. He's assured me he'd been practicing his double haul and casting in all kinds of wind. He grew up fishing the hills of NC. Less than a minute on the bow goes by when the guide says "Dude, get down. There's no fucking way in hell you'll be able to get it done." A few seconds go by. "Seriously, get down."
My buddy didn't fish on day three.
By RonRatliff
Client retired gynecologist: I used to work on the most beautiful cabriolet dancer.....
Me "anxious for a good story " Oh yea.... Must have been nice.....
Client: worst case of Herpies I have ever seen....
client: So, how big is the river?
guide: Oh, from may 90 feet wide up to 30 yards wide.
client: 90 feet and 30 yards is the same thing.
guide: Um...You're right.

That one was me. Who wants my $5?
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By johnbmadwis
jhnnythndr wrote:
Lando wrote:
CarelessEthiopian wrote:Good. Glad I could help.

Know when I laugh the most? Anytime I fish with someone from the Drake and I tell them about the time I fished with RFA.

Just to be clear, we make fun of you.
I owe you a beer.

This is true. Every few minutes we would have a nice laugh about something Bwian said on the Internet. Mitch and I just recently had a few laughs at his expense. I keep meaning to make a more public joke at his expense but its not worth the time.

I dug RFA. He was funny. He added some interesting stuff to this place. He gave me an open invitation to fish with him. His take on the absurdities of being a middled aged guy with kids who hates crowds reflected my own. Not a fan of the drawings, tho.
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