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By unskunkable
RonRatliff wrote:What's up Wratch, how's thw vest treating ya?
Like shit right now but I'm moving soon and things have to get better sooner or later! It's been a good year up until about a month ago though.
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By Hogleg
Kyle and Skunk.

I'll be damned.

We missed you fuckers around here.
By Kylemc
Knock knock...go fuck Yourself!
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By west_jay
Hi Kyle.
Glad you're back!

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Kyle, you coming to Rustbelt? hope so
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By fallen513
Kill yourself.
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By unskunkable
DizzyDean wrote:Hey Skunk, it was good to meet you the other day at the hardware store. Next time give me a heads up beforehand and we'll chase some carp or something. :cool

You bet bud. I'm thinking that I'll be back up that way around the end of the month. Are the fires out yet? I don't bother with tv and I won't buy any of the Lib papers down here so I miss the updates.
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