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By Zor
Sorry for your loss. Lost my best friend less than a year ago. I still can't wrap my head around it. Take nothing for granted.
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By Adams
10,000 Viking points to you Charlie for posting this. Sorry to hear she lost her struggle and succumbed to her demons.
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By elkhair
Sorry to hear, Charlie. Good on ya for posting the reminder. I attended a funeral yesterday - same cause. It's been a year since one of my friends took his own life. The desperation, darkness, and sadness that makes someone move past thought to action is tragic.

BigTimber - that's some good advice.
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By F.Babar

Much love to those grieving.
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By mrl0004
Sorry to hear, man. Sip poured....
By croaker
Sip poured, good vibes for y'all..
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By Transylwader
Sincerest condolences and sip poured.
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By LS Hittem
Big sips poured. May she rest easy, and you, her friends, and family be easy in the following days.
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