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By bigtj
Hey everyone,The Truckee River below the town of Truckee was recently changed from a no-bait, 5-fish limit to artificial only with 2 fish limit, plus catch and release in the winter, thanks in part to the letters of support you wrote. Unfortunately, I just found out the bait-chuckers won't lie down on this one: ... 2314#32314Take a minute to check out the post on Kiene's board and send an e-mail to California DFG. It's time to show some support for wild trout management and the Truckee can use all the help it can get!Thanks,-John
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By BigTimber
Done and DONE. Hey look at me I'm all "uppity" and stuff. Thanks BTJ!
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By FliesOnly
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By Rusty Hook
For those of you who didn't see this the first time, or meant to write a letter and haven't, get it done now. n Write your own, use a form letter, or whatever. Just get that sucker in the mail so someone will have a chance to read it before the decision is made. :(
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