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By Shane
(exclusive) Picnic Tables
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By Shane
Crick Addict wrote:Styrofoam cooler with "YETI" written on the top lid..

I am so doing this
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By Shufisher
I'll fill it with beer for the bow of your bote.
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By Ken Shog
Fine cut that is brilliant :clap

My buddy gave me a Yeti sticker and I stuck it on my igloo. Your idea is way better :lol:

Rolex imitations
camping out for black Friday
resin tokes
By FineCutSnuff
Shufisher wrote:I'll fill it with beer for the bow of your bote.
We can make that happen. Doesn't even have to be good beer. Its not that fancy of a rig (the fact that it has metal rivets also makes me poor, per this thread). The fact that it was a project boat from Craigslist = even more poor. But, its got a "yeti" and it fishes.

Sorry for breathing fire this a.m. Going to take Lurgee's advice and go eat a taco and maybe sit in a deer stand.

Peace fellas.
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