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By johnbmadwis
Fishing Has No Boundaries.

Buddy and me had the same brother and sister a few years in row. In addition to having pretty significant intellectual impairment, they both had a physical condition where their balance was problematic. Over time got worse - the little girl lost the ability to walk. Got letters from the Grandmother every year updating us. Not pimping myself, I do very little and the guys who do a lot get the nod. Rather, pimping the organization. Been out of it for a few years as I've had my hands full, but planning on this summer with my 10 year old. He baits worms better than I do.
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By Ken Shog
JohnB, that is awesome. That is a pretty big operation...70 boats and 300 volunteers!

I looked through all the photos and saw lots of smiles. Keep up the good work my man :cool
By LordOfThisWorld
I work in an environment that doesn't give us any free time, and so we do volunteer work through the business for the community. Right now we're collecting jackets for the homeless and a few months ago we hosted a pet adoption event. We also cut deals for people who can't manage themselves correctly (buying cars), so of someone is elderly or learning impaired we set a number below invoice right off the bat rather than taking advantage of them. I took a pay cut to work at this place because I believe so much in their ethics and morals.
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By LordOfThisWorld
I think it's pretty awesome. We work 60 hours a week, barely giving us time for errands, friends, family, and endeavors, but we still help people through our day to day work. Should we just not? Would that be better for you, Austro?

Tell me how you really feel, guy.

Since you seem to be my biggest fan I think I may return the favor to you, too. Think I'll stick around for a while.
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By jhnnythndr
Ahoy the chat room.

I have a broken 7weight Scott a4. 10' warranty is already sent in but you can just use my name and you address when you send it in for repair. 150$ Tyd. No tube. Will ship in a red Ryder BB gun box.

Oh shit. Sorry

Spaghetti sauce
1 can crushed tomatoes
1 clove garlic
.5 onion
Basil to taste

Thanks for looking.
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By jhnnythndr
Hey also- if anyone will text me there phone number with granite countertops ill send pics to them and they can take pics of the pics on the granite for verification. Sorry thanks
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By Zor
Mr. thunders,

I'll take the broke flypole, but I'll not pay more than $175 for it. And not until you've fotographed it next to an iPhone 4 showing pictures of zippo lighters on granite for reference to size and condition. If anyone should outbid me I'll come to your town and do more volunteer work than you and you'll really look bad then.
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JT. i need the red ryder box for my collection. you can put the rod in it, it will really lay down tomatoes, but i don't have a whole lot of sun as i live in the woods but i guess i can grow them over at the commune. s4 , really oughta grow good there..
i have italian marble base permanately mounted to the regal i got from Hap.
in addition i lost my mouse squeek call ....i will trade for a lynch box turkey call i never had in the woods.
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By jhnnythndr
I can't take any trades right now. And I can't take the picture of the iPhone 4 because it IS THE CAMERA!! Maybe I can get a droid razor galaxy 500 fomoco lte 4g and use that to take the pictures? But I don't know how to sync that to iPhoto so I might not be able to upload them.

Also- separate add/ announcement.

A guy from the hunt club is missing two walker hounds from Fridays deer hunt. Thanks. Number 7 and number 32 are dyed in their flanks.
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By jhnnythndr
This is a 75th anniversary red Ryder box- place your bid accordingly
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