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By chadroc
great stuff. well done to endure the tough times. heres to you.
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By AftonAngler
Good to hear things are still together with you and your wife! Dog speed Knox - still hoping we will share some musky time someday, somewhere...;)

Keep us posted!

Congrats on the diploma :cool
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By befuddled
Brother, if you're gonna hit bottom, then getting a masters, fishing the shit out of beautiful places and circling back to a woman you love is the way to damn do it.

cheers and best regards amigo
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By _9er
Hey dude, selfishly, I hope you end up in Colorado.

But wherever you end up, I wish you all the best! :cool
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By brent_e
all the best to you and your wife, V Wake. thanks for sharing all of that with us. Beautiful photos.

Merry Christmas!
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By stratabass
Gorgeous stuff, man!

And I'm glad you're working it out. Until I got married, I never had any idea how much work it can be. Cheers going forward.
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