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By brownsville
spent an afternoon re-reading get er done, RD and upshit's threads, hooked up to a BP monitor

then this out of focus, wonky horizon 'I, me, myself' shite

not that it counts, but no
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By Cary
You are in. after the recent parade of balloon knots, a welcome respite I'd say.
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By Bobwhite
Cary wrote:You are in. after the recent parade of balloon knots, a welcome respite I'd say.
Roger this...

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By K_P
I respect Cary and Bob's opinions, but the "trout on dry grass" shots leave me a bit hesitant to shake your hand just now.

You seem like the right sort, don't get me wrong. However, you should probably accept your role as neophyte apprentice and not say too much until at least three decent trip reports.

Love the waterfowl images, btw.

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By Ken Shog
Sup? Not sure that intro helped your cause but as folks here know I think they are silly so I will let the fucking elders be the judge of that. However, I will share a couple tips based on my time here:

1. You must hate me.
2. You are not allowed to start any new threads unless they are TR's.
3. However you are allowed and encouraged to bump 3 year old TR's and add comments like "hey great job," or "that's what this place is about," or "I remember this one, doin' it right man." The old guard loves that shit.

You follow those three rules and you will do just fine. Good luck.
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By FormerlyChaseChrome
#590623 wrote:
G_Smolt wrote:Do you have any pics of fish that you aren't squeezing the fuck out of or rolling in the dirt?
this. is. what. i. was. alluding. to.
And Ken can still fuck off...
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why don't you use the door ken since you don't like it here with us. I am sure your home state has a board
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By The Wave
Welcomed to the Drake! Great place, great conversations and it's pretty much a family......

Agreed- drink better wine!

Since I've never had an invite to hunt you can fuck off.
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By The Wave
SOBF- funny you mention that! I just started another thread to join me for a fishing trip to the flats.

Screw that. Leave the rods at home, bring your 12 or 20, and we'll shoot some duck. You plan on coming to FL in the next 30 days? Always got an open spot on muh duck boat.
By chadroc
maine. nice place. you picked a real good time to apply, recent rash of dolts and assholes makes you look like a saint but i'm betting your a pretty good guy. plus you apparently ice fish?

its time homie.

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