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By fatman
Karl gone take a mower blade to yer skull cap.

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By jhnnythndr
You guys end o the conversation is overall so boring that I don't even click on his to read it- but ever once in awhile someone says something that I notice.

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By CarpeTructa
When I saw the subject line of that "wanna see some real creeps" thread I thought Schog was gonna post up some selfies. As for the 4:20, after the amount of wine I drank last night I think I should consider going back to the weed. Happy New Year to the rest of you.
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By fatman
jhnnythndr wrote: but ever once in awhile someone says something that I notice.
for some reason this made me think of jtJR making ghost noises at the hearse...
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By elkhair
I resolve to help my fishing friends more in 2015 by reciting the following declaration:

"Do not smoke that before you tie-on."
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By The Wave
My resolution is to become a fly fishy chat room internet warrior.

With my identity and sense of self worth is so entwined with the forum that the presence of a new person registering and not abiding by some pussy ass introduction rule will send me into a total internet forum meltdown.

And then, earn the badge of shame that allows me to beat my chest about how long I've been a member here, and for some reason only fucking GOD knows......I'll think you really care when I say you're not wanted and don't belong.

And then, I'll garner the respect of a bunch of other "forum long-timers", and will speak on behalf of them, saying the new person is not accepted! HA! The power and respect I'll pull from the fishy chat room internet board.......while in reality, I can become a punk ass, fat, alcoholic, tiny stream trout catching slob of a man, who has no friends outside this forum.

Hell yeah.....then I'll smoke a bowl, kick back and admire myself about what I've become!

To 2015!

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