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By Ajax
upthepoudre wrote:I used to grow my own in my crawl space when it was illegal. Now that it's legal I don't smoke anymore. Weird circumstances that.
I smoked hard in the 60's & early 70's when a lid of Acapulco Gold or Panama Red went for $10. All leaf; the buds were very small, and used to make hash. I gave it up when I began to hack oysters.

For my 50th birthday in '01, a friend who still smokes gave me a joint of hydroponic pot as a joke. One evening when the bourbon was getting the best of me, I pulled it out & lit 'er up. After three hits I'd locked the doors, drawn the shades, and was drooling in a darkened room waiting for the DEA to end my freedom. The difference between '71 & '01 was comparable to the gap between Colt 45 & Everclear. That shit made me so stupid and paranoid so fast that I haven't touched it since.
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By blumpkin
austrotard wrote:I've been smoking weed since 1986.

next year's my 20th anniversary!
Congrats on hitting the quarter century mark !!!

Work Stoppage due to shovel breakage.
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By yard4sale
When did Sessions go national?
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