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By Ramcatt

not really a report

just a collection of thoughts and photos from living in a trunk and under/on a tarp

blummers MTGrayling and I met up for a few days

MTG has his shit on lock down

blummers is still mildly hypothermic

i'm still hungry and scheming how i can do it all again

the rental place gave me a jeep with 4000 miles... mentioning that "it isn't even broken in yet".... yeah i'll take care of that

first thing i did was lay down the seats, open the hatch, and make sure i fit

i grabbed blummers from the amtrack without paying bail... luckily

we ran north, grabbed a $4.98 tarp from walmart, and hung out under a awning

got to meet Root for a few quick mins while he was trying his best to hold it all together

and then #tarplife began

blummers was skeptical and unsure if i was really serious or just fucking with him

but i rigged a taught tarp in the pouring rain


the beauty is in the details

rod tubes increases the dry square footage and made for line storage as blummers ran an absurd 220ft double running line setup

the damn thing was tied down to anything solid

blummers was not impressed... here he is in deep thought

"this fucking dude is seriously going to sleep in the trunk of a car for 4nights... next to me"


it poured

and glummer had his first night thrashing about like a madman

he also at that point realized that he forgot a sleeping bag, hat, pants, hoodie, rain jacket...ect

he did however bring 3 pairs of board shorts and 2 lightly starched oxfords

i woke up and he was sleeping fully dressed in waders

and the river was blown



this is blummers happy face


we found some better water and one of the most fucking absurd shit head guides I have ever run across


blummers and his blue wizard staff



we met up with MTG and did it all again


blummer didn't do well with night #2 and after a tornado of thrashing


i found him like this in the AM


Best legal meal of the trip


we got a nice day of sun and a consistent 1/2mile run to fish top to bottom


then in this run which is no joke 300+ yards and 100 yards wide

we had a "famous" guide boober right down the middle... whatever

then he walks his boat back up and does it again... annoying

then walks it again and has his 2 clients swing the other side... OK

then fucking rows across the run and parks the boat between MTG (who's above) and me

and has both clients get out to swing


I hear some yelling and pointing

guide tromps over to MTG... words were said

guide left


i fished blue flies


and caught 2 juvenile fish and this char

the damn thing hit hard, took the loop, and was the biggest tease


Tarplife night 3 was a doozy

heavy front and winds came in

I locked her down and we lived it up in relative dryness


the ground tarp acted as more of a pool liner

it was bad enough that blummers joined me in the trunk

next 2 days were running looking for water

ran into jessnuts and his buddy at a spot

we fished as hard as we could... blanked


big mends





... get blown out





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By Adams
Glad to see I'm not the only one who plans the accommodations . . . .poorly.
Can't wait to see more of the report.
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By CarpeTructa
Hmm, I can see the decision making at work here. Standing at Walmart and deciding between a $15.98 four man tent or a $4.98 tarp and a dime bag. Excellent choice! :cool
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By Snagly
This makes me feel so much better remembering all my past miserable trips. It actually could have been worse, and you just proved it. just got a revenue bump.

Thanks for sharing! :mrgreen:
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By blumpkin

[size=200]Thats not my happy face... That's the McStay Face. No tellin what I'm thinking...

Safe bet used to be Tits or Donuts.

We all thought the same thing all the time.

What the fuck am I gonna do if a 25# Sea Run Rainbow eats this ridiculous offering...

I begged and borrowed to make this trip and Kevin, Chris, Bill, Poon Dog and Maynard made it worth it.

To set my Drakian Che back in place, we left Chris with the 8wt VT2, it really shined on the trip.

I will host Intruder Bake 2016, with some help from Kevin, Chris and Bill.

Only requirement is an 8wt Spray Rod and at least one T14 tip 12' feet or greater.


One of you guys included this with the Stinger Swap, it was just a hair too heavy, but damn it was Sexy.


King Kong Tree, threw some of my best stuff in the branches to the right... Fucking killer structure.


Pretty much everybody's favorite water on this trip... Which is saying something.


If you waded any farther downstream than this spot on rising water...

You were damn lucky to get back to this spot.


MTG's Driveway...





I had a Full Blown anxiety attack on Night 2

Night 3 was spent with my body submerged in water from the waist down, but I was more relaxed after the siezures from Night 2.

It actually went better than I could have ever hoped for.

I will fish for Coastal Steelhead every year, for the rest of my life. Sometimes you gotta go straight Hobo dirtbag, and that appeals to me.


Rocking Skagit Bombs... Is what Rock and Roll is all about.

:cool :cool

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By blumpkin
"Find something you Love... And let it Kill you..."

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By blumpkin
Dispensary, where I bought illegal weed only to cross an imaginary boundary, stoned the whole time, and have it magically become Legal Weed.

This particular Dispensary, has never had a single occurrence, of consensual sex.

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By blumpkin
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By austrotard
I did not know that peebs played the drums for sturgill.

and what do you think about thet.
By chadroc
great fucking shit here. and buk quote, which triples the greatness.
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By slapshot
Damn that was nice.
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By Zor
Fucking splendid.

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