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By augustwest
That was so good. Didn't think it could get any better, then this:
root wad wrote:Upside is that for a bit longer a four-legged person with hair is resting at my feet.
Cherish every moment indeed. All of you.
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By fatman
Shufisher wrote:This report, or lack thereof, reeks of old school sukk...Stellar work boys!

fuk yeah. :smile
By Surly

But buy a fuckin' tent.
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By McH
As always, a top shelf adventure Ram!
Ya know, you could totally cash out with a Tarp Life/Back Seat sleeping How To book.

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By pbrstreetgang
I liked this.

relates: I play banjo and tenor guitar poorly. never drums ever.
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Indeed, first class boys.
By Flyonlife
Good Stuff......those bullies are heart breakers.
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By upshitscreek
I don't think I'll ever let a drakian plan my vacation but it is great stuff to read afterwards.
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By yard4sale
Bump. And since we finally are getting some rain here it got me to dreaming of the good ol days...
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By Ramcatt
fucking badass brown tarp work Brah
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