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By marlo
cornholio wrote:That was cool. :cool

Those are some nice fishes. After seeing this and Marlo's cool TR, why are them salmons snake-like? Genetics? Not enough food? Just curious.
long shitty canadian winters spent under ice. They' did what they came to do (last year) and are chowing down before heading to Greenland (or some shit)

Nearly every fly they carry is named after sex positions, mostly pertaining to the same gender, the remainder are satanic. I wonder if they know?

if I could find the "swayzie express" and get ahold of Sebastian Bach ...
I'd pay 26 bucks for dip for that trip.

TUESDAY, JULY 21 Fsb, his wife, and Sheldon were […]

Waters of the United States.

Apparently the Pebble Mine poses no threat and is […]

show your tying space plz!

What they were trying to say was Fuck OFF.

Thumbing Through Some SBSs

Fighting foam[…]

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