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By austrotard

I reckon as it's crooked as old fuck pacman need win for the rematch super monkey wonga.

heart: yellow, decision.
head: black, in the 5th.

no offence*, cornman.

*see? makes it all better.
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By Hogleg
What, is there like some kind of big boxing match coming up or some shit?

I reckon one of 'em gets fucked.

Proper fucked.
Two 146-47# guys beating on each other with gloves. I thinking boxing queers would be better entertainment.

In any event, I'll be cheering on the Empire lads for the SoCal Rugby Championship tonite.
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By Spudnik
Game 7 Clippers vs. Spurs.

Will probably be one of the best NBA first round games in a while that nobody will watch.
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By Kfoxwyo
The only way this can end (well) is if Pac literally beats him to death...Tyson's quote about Mayweather this week was pretty epic..
Logic says Mayweather but I like the underdog Pacquiao. Size, reach, savvy, defense, strength and counter punching skillz goes to Mayweather. Referee K Bayless also don't mind so much when Mayweather uses his elbows to manhandle his opponent and that will not bode well for the shorter Pac. Volume punch and speed goes to Pac but he can be reckless at times. I'm hoping Pac's footwork, distance(close), in and out approach, angle will neutralize Mayweather's advantage.

I just can't bring myself to like Mayweather. I'm pretty sure part of his antics from his previous fights is to sell tickets and ppv but still, very douche. I'm rooting for Pacman. Should be an interesting fight and yes I'm watching it HD.
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By Kfoxwyo
my gut and $$$ would be on Mayweather, heart on Pac man. Either way there's going to be an even bigger second fight and this one about four years past due. I would guess Floyd thought that manny was the only guy who could beat him and has purposely waited until Manny has taken so many punches its a more level playing field.

I used to watch fights with my dad in the 80's on ABC...todays "Boxers" are a sad sort and its really the "Business" of boxing thats killed it. The documentary "Champs" is on my computer for Fridays personal two cents..
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