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By youghriverguide
Dear Michigan Draketards:

Life is taking me to Traverse City next weekend; though I might be staying in Grayling Saturday and Sunday. Any suggestions on where to spend a day fishing near either venue? Should I bring a drifty?

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By SageBrush
Grayling...... :cool

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By Woolybug25
Let me check my schedule, I may be available next weekend if you want some company.

Bring the drifter.

I'll shoot you a pm. :cool
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By Ajax
I'd fish the Upper Manistee... You'll cross it west of Grayling on M-72. Things are starting to pop pretty good there with solid Hendrickson's the past few afternoons and evenings, and the fish are finally looking up. I'm hearing that the North & South branches of the Au Sab are also starting to go, but there's no consistent reports of where or when.

Ditto on Spike's... Read the plaques on the wall commemorating the stunning quantities of beer consumed by NG MP platoons way back when. My brother was in one of those units.

My favorite fly shop in the area is Old Au Sable, right on the river where it crosses Business 75. Here's a link to their latest report...

Good luck!
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By SageBrush
revisited................Remember the Spikeburger but don't pass up the Onion ever. :cool
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By cerevisiaephilus
If I was in Traverse City next weekend, I'd definitely fish Mission Point for smallmouth and carp.

Upper Manistee could be a good float, but car spotting there is a pain in the ass, and easy to get lost. There was one dude that ran spots in the area between 72 and 131. And he was trying to move. I'm sure someone filled the void? There are probably more spotter options towards Grayling/72 than towards 131.

Where's Daytripper?

Lower Man could still have quite a few steelhead around and smallmouth are probably starting to move pretty good there too. It's not just Tippy Dam. There's lots of water to float.

Traverse City is a great place to visit.
By DayTripper

We've come for your daughter, Chuck.

Because if I tell you, you'll tell your friends, your friends are callin' me on the horn all the time, I gotta show up at shopping centers for openings and sign autographs and shit like that and it makes my life a hell. Okay? A living hell. :cool
The days are receding ....

Sorry for your loss, Fallen.

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