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By FredA
I love clousers. They can be ugly as hell and still catch fish.

Good stuff kish. Love that red canoe pic.

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By Bruiser
Cool. :cool
By chadroc
bad ass report. well done.
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By johnbmadwis
I know that area. Did that same trip a long time ago now. Special place for me. Nice report.

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By foureyedgeek
That was pretty cool. Thanks.
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By Lurgee
Loons are the best.

Great photos too.
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By CarpeTructa
Old guys rule. I miss Michigan, if it had had either (real) mountains or ocean I never would have left. Great report. :cool
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By kish
Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen.
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By austrotard
I guess we're letting this bastard in then.

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By kish
C'mon, Mitch. I just know you'll learn to love me. By year's end you'll probably invite me down for an emu hunt. Maybe followed up with a Kasey Chambers concert.

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