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By McH
Congrats Mom & Dad! :cool

Nice fish too!

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By austrotard
austin... looks more like dr. evil.

mate, if you can only get a 15hr pass you're not doing it right.
as soon as my missus had her babies she (never) wanted anything else to do with me (ever).

anyway... it looks like you enjoyed all 54000 seconds of it.
way to go, daddio.
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By fatman
nice to see you posting again, Walt

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By Average Joe
foureyedgeek wrote:The biomass of your 15 hours of "brookie" fishing will easily trump my summer's worth. So there's that...

And congratulations to you, your wife, and your newborn child.

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By Transylwader
Congrats Walter.
Beast brookies as usual. You sir, Sukk :smile
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By Bobwhite
fly-chucker wrote:way to go on all fronts :Roll Eyes
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By kish
Congrats on the kid and the fat brookies. Kid first, I guess.
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By ironman
Good times, Walter. Congrats.

I thought you guys said there ain't no fish in ur state?!?!
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