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By Adams
I need better oars. My 16 year old daughter wants to row the Clacka. She is a wispy sprite with upper body strength that matches her weight. I selfishly want her to row more so I can fish more.

My current oars are the stiff, indestructible, noncounterbalanced 9 1/2 foot plastic coated aluminum Carlisle power stroke oars that came standard with Clackacrafts. They are nigh invulnerable. I swear I could lever the boat onto the trailer with those fuckers. But they are too heavy for the kids (and wife) to comfortably row for any length of time. I need better oars.

I'm in flyover country and have no ability to comparison shop for oars. I will be buying sight unseen based on the inaccurate information y'all give me, and paying a shit load to ship the things. My guess is that I need to get something light and counterbalanced so my daughter and wife can comfortably row me down the river. We rarely row anything technical, but we do fish a lot of shallow rocky stuff. I've heard solid things about the Sawyer square tops with dynalites, but have no experience with them.

I don't fucking care what they cost - an extra few hours in the bow each season is priceless. I hate to ask a practical question hereabouts, but what the hell should I buy? From whom?

For your troubles. . .






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By Adams
austrotard wrote:when I'm in amsterdam I prefer to go with the asian oars.
SOBF wrote:A dirty oar is always welcome.
Easier to find a crack oar in these parts.
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By yard4sale
I started out a Cataract guy but lost one. Had a Sawyer rep in town give me a deal on the MX oars and I'll never go back. Much more forgiving, especially if you bump something. I like the longer skinny blades, more control over how much you grab and easier in skinny water. If I had the cash I would have gotten the square tops for the balance.
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By The Wandering Blues
Buy some shot out oars. They'll do anything a shiney oar can do, but will be cheaper and more grateful.
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By CarpeTructa
I would never have thought to google naked women + oars - see, you learn something new all the time on here.
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By Adams
CarpeTructa wrote:I would never have thought to google naked women + oars - see, you learn something new all the time on here.
"The Drake: Redefining Fishing Porn since 1998."
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By steelhyde
I always liked the cataract x-wound ones that were on the boat I grew up rowing.

I have used sawyers and didn't notice a huge difference but I could be wrong.

To me, length is most important. Get 10 footers for your big ass boat.

Shoal cut, schmoal cut, who gives a shit.
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