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By BobLoblaw
Goddamn, Joe!
I always kinda assumed all your stories were works of fiction (and, that you were actually writing them in some sort of institution).
Then, you write this & add a whole buncha pics that seem to fit the story.
Now I don't know what to think???

Oh, wait...I know exactly what to think: "Average" Joe is a complete misnomer- this shit is waaaayyy above average!

:bow :bow :bow

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By SnuffBox
..."This could really use some syrup".

Holy shit, that was a superb tale! Thanks, man.
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By Mad_Mike
Well.. I don't even know where to begin... This was top notch sir..

I seriously laughed the whole way through... We've all been on bad camping trips.. but you sir.. well, you've taken it to another level.. I almost feel like I would like to meet this Magoo fella.. you know, for posterity's sake.. I'll bring my own food though..

Thank you for this... Seriously..
By Palometa
did someone once say you never contribute anything here? Nice Joe- thank you
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By fishskibum
top o page 1 w/ a smile
thanxs for sharin
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By LA Fly Guy
Thanks Joe, that's some top shelf shit. And sorry you had to experience that. I knew it would turn bad from the beginning, but never expected it to go that far. Next time, bring more booze.
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By Redchaser
Holy shit that's funny. Sorry you had a lousy trip, but thanks for making a great story out of it.
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By Long Haired Dave
El Jeffe wrote:Wait, so randomly meeting guys online line to go fishing doesn't always work out?l

Sometimes your host gets arrested on Bourbon Street and you spend half the night and the next morning looking for his truck parked in the quarter that contains all your luggage and fishing gear...

but most of the time (and even that one) it all works out ok.
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By Snagly
This write-up is a travesty. You've libeled "Magoo", and under California law you should expect action.

Barbie is expecting, so there will be court-ordered paternity tests in your future . . . save for your brother, who apparently only availed himself of the "tradesman's entrance".

The organic chicken people are suing, too, for illegal reproduction of their corporate imagery plus unwarranted allegations of salmonella containment.

The Salmonella Association is also litigating . . . it just piles up.

"Mr. Joe? Sorry to interrupt you but I have a Mr. Magoo on line 1 and he says that you owe for two kayaks."

* * * * *

Let no good deed go unpunished. Hilarious and every bit reads true. :cool
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By K_P
I have a confession to make:

My first pass through this, I skipped the text and just enjoyed the photos. It gave me the impression of a fine adventure in the high country.

Then Lando asked (while sitting around the fire at the Luau) if I'd read it.

Now I have.

I'm thinking that Magoo must be Golden Beetle?

Laughed out loud many times. What a clusterfuck.

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