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By Ramcatt
same deal
NOV 5-6-7
Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights
$40/night includes dinner and lodging
Fishing thurs/fri/sat/sun

I'll have all the details (lic info, map, ect) as we get closer
we will then get a better idea on meals/ect
if anyone is flying in or wants to meet and ride from yinzburgh... i'll have space or a place to stay if you are in early
There are always a few people in early and doing the bigger rivers and whatever else




All are welcome*

*unless you are a shithead/deadbeat/shit starter/in bad standing with people who have done this in past years/ have a holier than thou attitude... and that goes for lurkers that you want to bring along.
This has been a fun weekend with no "real incidents", and it will stay that way.
We all fuck around, do "what we do", and have a good time... and if you or someone you bring infringes on that... youre fucked

Let me know if you are coming and which nights
Ramcatt (T,F,S)
Dnymph (T,F,S)
Porno (T,F,S)
Bill (T,F,S)
ironman (T,F,S)
pxatim (T,F,S)
pxatim lurker (T, F, S)
Wb25 (T,F,S)
Jeffe (T,F,S)
Bullship (T,F,S)
skullions (T,F,S)
Steelhound (T,F,S)
steelhound lurker (T, F, S)
Blummers (T,F,S)
RMTNhigh (T,F,S)
averagejoe (T,F,S)
Hancho (T,F,S)
chasechrome (T,F,S)
Fallen (T,F,S)
Fallen lurker(T,F,S)
Cervixsalpalis (T,F,S)
deadwestern (T,F,S)
Fatman (T,F,S)
Mitch (T,F,S)
west jay (T,F,S)
highsticken (T,F,S)
highsticken lurker (T,F,S)
Flashback (T F S)
Flybug (T,F,S)

glista (F,S)
GS (F,S)

Brent (S)
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By Woolybug25

All nights. Prefer a stabbin' cabin. :cool
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IN...... Thurs. and Fri.
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By D-nymph
In all nights unless something better comes along, like 'Disney on ice', you dickbags.

I think we came dangerously close to max number last year.
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By Ramcatt
D-nymph wrote: I think we came dangerously close to max number last year.
Bunk space filled up last year
there were a few empty beds.... but not many

i think we were around 40 last year
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Actually, put me down for Friday and Saturday. I may not probably wont make it, but maybe having already paid will be motivatory.

And if I dont show, then feel free to use my monies for booze or drugs or whatever it is the group desires.
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