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By flatscaster
I hope you're reading these comments. This is why the drake can be great. I want to do this trip with my family. Thank you.
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Cornholio brings it. Nothing short of outstanding.
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By austrotard
forgot you were a southpaw. weirdo.

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pbrstreetgang wrote: Who doesn't love a piggyback ride?

and don't ask me how I know.
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By fatman
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By befuddled
Yes sir. I am looking at the same situation. No gear, no particular destination and dont care.

I cant wait and this just fueled the fire
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By Lurgee

Nice whiteys.
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By cornholio
Thanks for the kind words fellas. :cool

austrotard wrote:forgot you were a southpaw. weirdo.
Up yours 'tard. You hate me cuz you ain't me. Or some shit.

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