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By root wad
There is a huge void in my world.
In his prime. Big Pine back country 2006
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Travel safely little buddy. You were the best. When you get where you're going say hey to The Momma for me. Tell her I miss her.
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By pbrstreetgang
I think of Poon everytime I swing for steel. Always will.

I'm lucky to have scritched those ears, and watched his incredible antics. A wonderful guy indeed.

Hope you find some peace in the fact that you two changed some lives for the better. I know I do.

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By Walter
So sorry root. Never easy to live without them once you have. Hang in there.
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By MTgrayling
Oh no man. I'm going to miss him.

Life is just too damn short, and even more so for our furry friends.

If you need anything Bill, just call.

Damn this year of the muddler.
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By The Wandering Blues
Sorry to hear it, Root. That shit hurts like no other and, yet, it's a small price compared to what is received. I'll pour one tonight when I get home.
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By ironman
Sorry, Root. Will hoist one later today. He was always a highlight in your TRs. I echo TWB's sentiment, the good is worthy of the heartbreak. Their only drawback being their relatively short time with us.
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By NeedmoreDEET
Condolences. Had to put my bully down a little over two months ago.
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By ditchdoc
So sorry man. I have several dogs in my memory banks. Nothng eases the passing of an old friend like a new one.
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