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I haven't forgotten, TX. Thanks for the smoked corns. You'd a loved the Barrelcooker pork belly pig candy.

Here's a bean recipe heavy with pork products. Makes enough for 40 of your closest friends.

Here's whatcha need and do:

1. Take 3# thick cut bacon, slice into 1/4" bits, slow cook to brown and render the fat.


2. Use a hot/sweet q rub to season up 4# of jimmy dean original sausage. Light some coals for an indirect fire, and smoke with pecan.


3. Dice up 2 big specimens of the following: Vidalia onion, green pepper, and red pepper.


4. Once the bacon is good and cooked, scoop out the bacon with a slotted spoon or wire basket, reserving the rendered fat. Fry onions and peppers in this:


5. Gratuitous Pumpkin beer, Q rub, #10 can of disclosure. Iheartpumkingforreals. It's fall fukkos.


6. Here's what we wanna see from the sausage.


7. Cool it, and do this. Fallen approved. No sushi or flat brims in this pork fat bath, Richard.


8. Lastly, combine the bacon, fried onions and peppers, sausage, and a No. 10 can of Bush's Original Beans with Bacon, in 12 Quart cast iron pot, and simmer for an hour on low heat. The secret ingredient is the bigger can of apple pie filling. Preferably Globe Brand. Run a knife you don't care about dozens of times through the can to create small pieces. It's helpful to remove the top prior to this task. Empty the contents and stir in.

9. Then add more sweet/hot q rub and your favorite sweet/heat q sauce to your liking. I like Smoking Guns Hot and Blues Hog Original.

10. Simmer another hour or two, and it should look like this.


Doesn't much look much different, later. Enjoy the process.
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Good lookin' beans Ironman.

Ruddy Duck wrote:I had pumpkin beer once and liked it.

There. I said it.

And that recipe looks killer.

Ruddy, doesn't that belong in the "Doesn't make me gay" or "Confessions" thread? Anyway carry on as usual.
Not my knife work, but a whole de-boned chicken, bacon wrapped- Image
Out of the oven,
Served with smashed potato's and fresh greens - gravy.
Here is a recipe for the best beans I've ever had. You may hate me, but you won't hate these beans. They should be spicy, it may be hard finding hot red chiles, but you might can order some out of New Mexico.

4 Cups Pinto beans rinsed in cold water twice. Pressure cook for one hour

2 medium tomatos
2 medium onions
3 Jalapeños
4 big cloves of Garlic
1 lb. Wrights bacon ends chopped

Add this to beans after they've cooked for an hour
2 tablespoons hot red chile powder
2 tablespoons Salt

Pressure cook for 1 more hour

Red Chile Powder Recipe-
12-15 Hot Red Chile Peppers
2 Cloves of Garlic
1 teaspoon of Oregano
1 teaspoon of salt
2 Cups of boiling water
Blend all
As previously stated. Fuck off Cunt,
Shufisher wrote:This is going to fuck up the BLT sammy.
"Lettuce is “over three times worse in greenhouse gas emissions than eating bacon”, according to researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University who analysed the impact per calorie of different foods in terms of energy cost, water use and emissions."

I wouldn't trust anything from the Carnegie Mellon Institute...
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