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By cantfishforshit.
All of this over a TR. Your really are some bored little bitches.
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By befuddled
Cute. I owe you a beer
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By befuddled
befuddled wrote:Cute. I owe you a beer
And that was intended for 2fish
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By Adams
Ignore the twats. However you define what a twat is.

D-Wayne- stop in the name of all that does not suk.

And as 'fud and Randall noted, Austrians don't rule the world. Or this shithole.
This ain't Dodge City. And you ain't Bill Hickock.

this thread:


How stoned are you internet tuff twats?
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By Adams
They were no Mr. Bill.
I bet most dudes on here are too young to even know who Gumby is...

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By Average Joe
Calling Dwayne a halfwit does a disservice to ret@rds across the globe. He's got a fvcking science degree from DeVry University for Christ's sake.

From what I can tell, he's either lazy and/or he just doesn't give a sh!t. If this was a classic car forum, he'd be the guy continually posting out-of-focus photos of his rusted-out Ford Pinto. And that's fine. Lazy is something I can understand. What I don't understand is his inability to find the humor in anything he posts, and that's why he catches so much sh!t.

If I put up a photo of the very first painting I'd ever completed and someone on this board said, "That painting is sh1t," I'd probably come back with "Well, I was going for a Jackson Pollock meets the drop-cloth of my recently painted bathroom meets the stains on my carpet where the dog has been p1ss1ng for the past six months. I thought I nailed it." Not "Fvck you! Eat a bag of d1cks! Put up some fvcking content! I've made bad decisions my entire life, and I want free he@lth-care and someone else besides me to pay off all of my stvdent lo@ns!"

I don't give a sh1t if he stays or if he goes - and since he has a history of making bad decisions, he'll probably stay - but as long as he continues to post up garbage, he deserves all of the abuse that comes his way.

(Note: certain words in these sentences have been intentionally misspelled in order to get around the "403 FORBIDDEN" that kept coming up every time I tried to post this.)
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By befuddled
Fuck cunt twat whore cumdumpster exwife
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By befuddled
Seems to work for me
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By Randall Dee
cantfishforshit. wrote:I have some skills myself, brother. 5'8" 205lbs. Mostly muscle. About 12% body fat. Bring it. May the best man win.
12% body fat eh?

I've only 6% body fat. Seriously.

I reckon that makes me twice as good a fighter as you.

Call us back when you've done your road work.
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By Average Joe
befuddled wrote:Seems to work for me
Properly spell all of the words in my post and try to re-post it yourself.

I seem to get this 403 message more than anyone else, and I've no idea why.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to add more tinfoil to my colander helmet.
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