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By Adams
Retard fucking fuck shit dick twat cunt
The NSA isn't censoring me.
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By Spudnik
Seeing as how it is Sunday, I suspect Pastor Ben is going to show up with some biblical shit at any second and make us all feel poorly.

Please don't.

Nobody needs this Jesus shit today. We know we're assholes, let us live with it and burn in hell.

Edit: hahaha oh fuck me, one of the following words caused a 403 like Joe...

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By Adams
I'm pretty sure I'm bound for the hot boring part of hell.

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By austrotard
my trs never get this sorta traffic.
so a win for de-wayne.

I'm going to have to do some work today.
oooo... 11:20, bishes.

I don't use many 403 bad words.
maybe youse are spelling them wrong.
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By cantfishforshit.

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By Adams
Pretty sure none of the traffic has to do wif d'wines Dickbeater TR.

See spud - you just need to spell them slowly to get thru the filter.
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By yard4sale
Fear the pokey.
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By befuddled
pissing dick
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By befuddled
eat a bag of dicks student loan!
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By befuddled
still working. Average Joe, I think you may have pissed off the NSA
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By Hogleg
cantfishforshit. wrote:I have some skills myself, brother. 5'8" 205lbs. Mostly muscle. About 12% body fat.
Are you saying that being 5'8" and 205 with 12% body fat is a skill?

By the way, "12% body fat" and "mostly muscle" are incongruent statements at 5'8" and 205 unless you are missing a few long bones and a large organ or two. Your BMI is 31 which is in the obese category unless your waist circumference at its largest part is well less than 40".
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