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By befuddled
Hogleg wrote:
cantfishforshit. wrote:I have some skills myself, brother. 5'8" 205lbs. Mostly muscle. About 12% body fat.
Are you saying that being 5'8" and 205 with 12% body fat is a skill?

By the way, "12% body fat" and "mostly muscle" are incongruent statements at 5'8" and 205 unless you are missing a few long bones and a large organ or two. Your BMI is 31 which is in the obese category unless your waist circumference at its largest part is well less than 40".

Alright boys through minutes and minutes of research I've detected that a$$fuck is not allowed on this bard
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By Average Joe
I'm convinced the main purpose behind the "403" is to limit my posts.

Since the upgrade, I've made several attempts to b@ng out a sh!tty novella in the "B1tching Room," only to have it all wiped out and replaced with the "403."

I still don't have a clue what gave offence, and so I've given up trying to make it happy.

Viewing it that way, it's made this board a better place.
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By befuddled
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By befuddled
although cumswap is...
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By Adams
befuddled wrote:although cumswap is...
Shitty bitching.

Looks like Joes verboten words slip thru here.
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By Hogleg
Average Joe wrote:
Randall Dee wrote:It's all fun and games until the scientist shows up.
Hogleg always ruins everything.
As(s) fuck as that goes, don't get me started on the possibilities that D-wang has severely overrated his fighting skills just as he's done with his other "skills" such as painting, fly tying, and photography to name a few.
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By befuddled
quick: everybody ask your phone "what is an angry dragon"

I promise you'll laugh your ass off
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By yard4sale
Is this what the Facebook site is like?

image.jpeg (35.81 KiB) Viewed 433 times
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By Randall Dee
yard4sale wrote:Is this what the Facebook site is like?

No. Not even close. Everyone is super nice and loving. Except CE. He's still a dick.
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By Average Joe
I just got another "403."

This is definitely personal.

Earlier this evening my wife asked me if I wanted to watch reruns of 'The Love Boat" with her.

Believe it or not, that now sounds appealing.

I will have another jar of whiskey and pretend that Dwayne is Gopher.

And if at the end of the evening I am feeling miserable, I will blame it on Hogleg.

He always ruins everything.
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By befuddled
you didn't ask your phone what an angry dragon was...
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