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By Redchaser
Aw heck Ben, I am so sorry to hear it. I'm sorry for your loss and also sorry for the board, she felt like part of the family here and I always enjoyed seeing her in your post. I hope you find consolation for your sadness, and room in your life and heart for another dog sooner rather than later.
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So sorry to hear PB....have surely enjoyed seeing the great times you two had together gracing these pages, she was a very lucky god.
My heartfelt sympathies go out to you and the family, losing a special family member is beyond tough.
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By LA Fly Guy
Man that sucks, Remember the good times. I have a feeling that Mz. Ashley misses you as much as you miss her. Keep your chin up PB. Thoughts and prayers as you through this tough time.
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By gill raker
You've touched more lives than I think you'll ever realize, PB. And I'm sure you touched her life more than any other. So sorry...
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By McH
Sorry to hear about your loss PB. It looks like Ms. Ashley lived a quality life.
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By fishskibum
i'm bummed mz ashley didn't make the luau bake but glad you did and i'm glad kessler did
been 10 days on the road since I've seen my furkid and can't wait till tonight
hoping theres another fish sniffing back seat copilot adding the special things those unconditional lovin balls of fur bring to my time and travels season
god lovin mountain hippies addicts of snow n fish vibes sent your way
no new god ever replaces or erases the memories of the last
but creates an opportunity for a new set
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By dunk
I feel your pain - ours died last week as well. Sucks...
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