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3 dozen Greg Senyo flies in a homemade box with cool stickers.
ncguy wrote:Image

3 dozen Greg Senyo flies in a homemade box with cool stickers.

Oh, if you think you're getting off that cheaply with this kid, you're insane! You might as well open your wallet every day and dump all the cash into a box now.

I'll buy some tix.
If I pay extra for raffle tix can I be excluded from the drawing for Heero's flies?
MTgrayling wrote:Does this mean that the new simms gore-tex condoms are no good?

Come on, tell a brother...
If their condoms leak like their waders, then you might as well go raw dawg.
DayTripper wrote:The Simms rubbers are good, but pricey. It's the ones you get for 75 cents in fly shop bathrooms with Derek DeYoung artwork printed on em that you gotta worry about.
They've also got these new zippered ones they sell that seem to be popular with women and old guys, but yeah, pricey.
My donation is in the mail.

St. Croiks Legend (maybe Ultra) 7'9" #3, 3 piece
IMG_6571.jpg (936.83 KiB) Viewed 1815 times
I forgot that it has my name on it, so I put a sticker over it.
IMG_6572.jpg (882.96 KiB) Viewed 1815 times
Uplocking ring.
IMG_6573.jpg (879.95 KiB) Viewed 1815 times
A trampoline for no reason.
IMG_6574.jpg (1.04 MiB) Viewed 1815 times
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