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By -G-
thriesta wrote:
Now I'm making more than you, driving a 60k company car that puts your car to shame.

Tell me again, how is that "queer?"

One day I hope you look back at this and realize just how much of a tool this made you sound like.
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By austrotard
dude. there's fucking hundreds.

sad thing is, it would be fucking balltearing hilarious if it wasn't real.
but sadly... it is.

mike mallen is ree-ill.
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By pbrstreetgang
thriesta wrote:
pbrstreetgang wrote:" A Fly Fisherman's Journey by Sea living off Daddy's money"
I believe the majority would be more entertained on posts of your failed marriage,
or how the US government is to blame.
which failed marriage? I have two. now you have something else with which to work your magic.
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By austrotard
he's gonna call you a fucking double looser, man... wait for it.

I like to think mike mallen has a dossier on us all.

spoiler: I like kingfisher blue yet my truck is metallic midnight. commie.
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By pbrstreetgang
That works for me. It confirms my assumptions on his cognitive ability.
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By yard4sale
thriesta wrote:Tom Bie should pay me for the bumps that this thread has created.

God knows my content carried this site during its heyday.

Finally somebody beat Smithhammer!
By thriesta
Woolybug25 wrote:
What's funny isn't that you think that finishing second in a fishing tournament half a decade ago makes you a god, it's that neither the person that carted you around (Benson) nor any of the tournament heads even like you anymore. You got ran out of town and aren't even welcome anymore.

Then, according to illustrious resume, your "career" took you into three very exciting customer service (i.e. Gopher) roles. We are all glad that your daddy's checks to college cleared though. Helping you finally earn that bachelors degree in your 30's. We are all just so jelly about all of your career highlights.

Most of us realized very early that fly fishing wasn't about trophies, counting how many fish you've caught in a year or making a sport out of it. You're a glitterboat guy with a better financial backer (please daddy... Can I please move to MT?)...
Your inter-stalking is quite impressive.

But, your pot of gold is actually a project that I had to do for a class
last spring.

Don't fret, you're still everyones favorite blogger.

What was that trash called, "hip to the sip?"
By thriesta
pbrstreetgang wrote:That works for me. It confirms my assumptions on his cognitive ability.
Hilarious coming from you.
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