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By Lando
Same location, same dates:

July 21-24
Trout Creek Group Site; Buffalo Bill State Park
Cody, WY 82414

The site is reserved for the nights of the 21, 22, and 23rd of July. If anyone wants to come earlier, let me know and we can adjust the dates accordingly. I will not be in town until the 21st, so all information about how the rivers are looking, or what the hot fly will be will have to come from other local knowledge. The old boss opened up a new fly shop in town, so I would recommend checking out their web site, or giving them a call.

Rooms are available nearby (like just across the river from the group site) and Ms. Wyoming says she might be able to get a discount. Let me know if you would like to get a reservation.

Make it happen.
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By Upsetter
Id come if it was 7/9-7/10 weekend. Heading to wisco at light speed on the 15th-16th and wont come back west till the next 15th. Gonna raise a barn over there and slay pike/smallies/musky on my down time. Earlier might be better anyhow given the shitty outlook for spring runoff, least round these parts. We hit sixty this weekend and, as my old school hippie friend reminded me, the new 90% snowpack isnt the same as the old 90% snowpack since they dropped the 70's winters from the 30yr avg in 2010.
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By Upsetter
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote:Will this event be chicken friendly?
Note of caution: we got chickens out here that dwarf yours. Ive been watching a nest of baldies the last few weeks and both mom and pop sport 48"+ wingspans. The nest is the size of an avg human baby crib. The locals may or may not take kindly to newcomers invading their space.

As an aside, I have become good at finding and jumping rabbits of late, so there's that, could be fun to do with a chicken. Might even find some hares, see what kind of salt your chicken is made of.

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By PastorBen
K_P wrote:
PastorBen wrote:hey there


Grace and peace

Side by side Alaskans.

Mitch will say it's gay.

haters gonna hate…

Grace and if I don't see you before I'll see you there

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By fishskibum
he says your all as gay as Liberace and Mr. Mercury crooning a what what in the butt duo while boofin bartles and james wine spritzers
and entirely marginal at catching part of fishing
but Hagens funny and ya fed him well
can't wait to find ourselves there again
it's like 420 mies from my house
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