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By fishskibum
[quote="Ajax"]Sweet Jesus... untold hundreds of linear miles of pristine trout water within pissing distance, and you cocksuckers went [i]carp[/i] fishing?

What's next? A Wang Chung show?[/quote]

i was thinkin more alice donut

sometimes when them poopfish eat it it tingles em

YouTube link

I'll know if hagen got em

cause he'll call me to feed the addiction

i'm gonna try and pull togather a green labor party bake for sept

cause i fuckin missed this
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By Average Joe
When I returned from my trip with Bruiser and Ephemeral, I didn't bother much with unpacking. Instead I just tossed my suitcase in the front room, took out some clothes, and replaced those with other clothes.
1.JPG (1.19 MiB) Viewed 1263 times
A little over a week later, I was back at the airport, and soon I was on my way to the Luau.
2.JPG (1.04 MiB) Viewed 1263 times
I've always loved Lando's Luaus, including the ones I've only read about, which is most of them. It's the longest running bake on the board, and regardless of whether thirty people show up or only three, it's always a good time.

Lando called me on my cell phone soon after I landed in Salt Lake City and asked me to call him once I arrived in Cody. An hour and a half later, I turned on my Motorola Razr as I was walking across the tarmac and tried to make the call. I squinted as I looked at the tiny screen and read "Call Failed. No signal."

I thought, "Shit. I hope they have pay phones in this airport."

Then I ran into these two guys.
3.JPG (993.08 KiB) Viewed 1263 times
They'd seen my plane coming in across the western sky and decided to meet me rather than wait for my call.

Lando carried my bag out to his truck and threw it into the bed, while Hagen went about doing what he does best: being Hagen.
4.JPG (830.79 KiB) Viewed 1263 times
5.JPG (854.65 KiB) Viewed 1263 times
Our first stop: the local.
6.JPG (1.36 MiB) Viewed 1263 times
Lando knows the owner of this place, and because I was his guest I was allowed to break some of the rules.
7.JPG (1.2 MiB) Viewed 1263 times
After a day spent hanging out in airports and sitting in cramped, airborne aluminum tubes, there's really only one way to improve upon a glass of Maker's.
8.JPG (1.23 MiB) Viewed 1263 times
Our lovely bartender.
9.JPG (1.25 MiB) Viewed 1263 times
After taking the edge off, we drove to the campground and retired to the luxurious comfort of the lovely former Miss Wyoming's Airstream, which she'd kindly set up for us earlier in the day.
10.JPG (1.23 MiB) Viewed 1263 times
We sat around the fire for a bit, had a few more beers, and then turned in.

NOTE: Per Lando's request, I'm going to put this TR up in dribs and drabs, because apparently that's the way Mitch likes to read these things.

That's another way of saying, "More later."
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By Upsetter
Ajax wrote:Sweet Jesus... untold hundreds of linear miles of pristine trout water within pissing distance, and you cocksuckers went carp fishing?

What's next? A Wang Chung show?
Lol. In not so colorful terms, my thoughts as well. :cool
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By D-nymph
Looks like somebody drove into camp, lit some fireworks & then took off leaving very confused Drakians to excuse-make with the "authorities"...

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By Redchaser
Average Joe wrote:
spork.JPG (1.37 MiB) Viewed 1172 times
That is no doubt for Carpe Tructa's benefit and envy....
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By Lando
$20 says CT won't even respond to this report.......none of you fuckers take the time to reply to his.....

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By Average Joe
The next morning, I changed into my Luau clothes...
1.JPG (279.95 KiB) Viewed 948 times
... and then we hit the road in search of breakfast.
2.JPG (857.22 KiB) Viewed 948 times
I ordered the Austrian Special.
3.JPG (895.82 KiB) Viewed 948 times
What's the one thing that could possibly make it taste better? You already know the answer.
4.JPG (810.12 KiB) Viewed 948 times
After breakfast, we ran some errands. First stop: the liquor store, where we purchased barely enough beers to see us through the day, a handle of Maker's, and a couple bags of ice. From there we drove to the smoke shop, where I purchased some butane for my lighter, and then we stopped by a gas station and filled the truck. Once we had all of that out of the way, Lando floated Hagen and me down some river while the lovely former Miss Wyoming ran our shuttle.
5.JPG (1.05 MiB) Viewed 948 times
6.JPG (899.84 KiB) Viewed 948 times
The plan was to drink a beer every time we caught a fish.

At the end of the float we counted the empty cans at Hagen's feet, and based on the math he (apparently) caught fourteen in just a couple of hours.
7.JPG (966.76 KiB) Viewed 948 times
8.JPG (934.08 KiB) Viewed 948 times
Lando hooked a few as well...
9.JPG (1.05 MiB) Viewed 948 times
10.JPG (907.44 KiB) Viewed 948 times
...including one that was easily the biggest fish I saw all weekend.

If Hagen had taken his netting duties more seriously we'd have photographic proof of this accomplishment, but as it stands you'll just have to take my word for it. The fish was huge.

While Lando and Hagen plied the waters, I hung out in the back of the boat, doing what I do.
11.JPG (944.2 KiB) Viewed 948 times
12.JPG (922.2 KiB) Viewed 948 times
13.JPG (921.92 KiB) Viewed 948 times
Lando then insisted that I catch something, and since it's in bad form to refuse a reasonable request from your host, I obliged.
14.JPG (1.03 MiB) Viewed 948 times
15.JPG (1.06 MiB) Viewed 948 times
The scenery wasn't bad.
16.JPG (861.39 KiB) Viewed 948 times
17.JPG (760.91 KiB) Viewed 948 times
Even a rock that appeared to be flipping us off had a certain beauty to it.
18.JPG (800.8 KiB) Viewed 948 times
19.JPG (998.1 KiB) Viewed 948 times
After our float, Lando dumped off the boat and took us into town for dinner.

After we were seated, he said that based on my breakfast selection, I might like to try the chicken-fried chicken. I did, and it was fabulous.

When we got back to our campsite later that night, we discovered that the door to the Airstream was locked. We didn't want to break a window, so we called the lovely former Miss Wyoming. A short while later she pulled into our campsite with a fistful of keys. Unfortunately, not one of them opened the door to the Airstream, so we then called a locksmith.

The locksmith said it would take him close to an hour to get there, and that the cost would be $100. Hagen took the phone and said, "The most I'm willing to pay is $80, but if you come out tonight I'll give you the $80 in cash, plus a $20 tip."

"I'm sorry sir," the locksmith replied, "but I won't come out for less than $100."

Lando built a fire, and we spent the next hour watching the moon rise over the bluff.
20.JPG (530.77 KiB) Viewed 948 times
21.JPG (944.61 KiB) Viewed 948 times
22.JPG (614.46 KiB) Viewed 948 times
The locksmith arrived as promised, and though he struggled with the lock for close to half and hour, eventually he succeeded in opening the door.
23.JPG (572.54 KiB) Viewed 948 times
The lovely former Miss Wyoming then bade us goodnight, and after a few more drinks around the fire, we decided to call it a day.
24.JPG (684.54 KiB) Viewed 948 times
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By Ephemeral
Hell, who needs twenty guys when you have you three.

Dig the spork.

Thank you.
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By Lando
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