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By woolly bugger
i'm so sorry for your loss. that is just awful.
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By Lando
Because people are assholes.

Benson...........I love it.
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By 421sd
Rough man. Rough.

Sorry Elizabeth had to go through that, and SOOO glad she didn't go after him.

I'll tip a solid pour to Rochester on my fishing trip this weekend, and here's to Benson when he arrives. :cool
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By The Volfish
Damn shame. For what its worth, cry as much as you need, no reason to hide it. No doubt the lot of us would if in the same situation.

Chin up, there are better times ahead.

I'll give Cabo a bit of extra loving this evening for sure...
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By Redchaser
It sounds like the memorial, while tough, was probably a good thing. That will give Elizabeth some closure, maybe even you too. Thanks for the times you shared Rochester with us, looking forward to when you introduce Benson.
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By canook
Burning one in honour of yours, mine and all the other good ones who go before they should. Sorry to say, but it's two years on and, at times, it's still a fresh wound.
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By austrotard
so far today it seems a better day.
off to work.
this has been healthy for me. in austria I can count my mates on one hand.

though she seems fine(ish) I need to keep an eye on the eldest.

so cheers, fuckos.

disclaimer: I'm not calling time on it. it's just a feeling. sun's out again.
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By fallen513
It hurt my heart to read this my friend. I'd be lying if I said I'm not in tears. Keep your head up mate.
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By ncguy
Well I was due for a good cry. Prayers for the whole family.
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