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Read this the other night, and honestly couldn't bring myself to answer it... My boy is 9 this year, and I know I don't have too many more winters with him.. He was Sick the other week before I left for the Glades, and just the thought of it being something serious took me to the edge.. luckily it was just a stomach bug and he's back to his usual asshole self.. but after reading this... well.. my heart hurt..

Then of course tonight I read the update, and that hurt subsides a bit.. You're a brave man to put yourself back out there so fast.. I don't know that I would have it in me..

Nothing but love and good vibes coming your way from South Carolina from Mike and Bruzer... Cheers...
I love an honest man...

You're not so bad either, Shawn.

Nothing make a fellow feel finer than making his girls smile.

Well done!
This makes me miss my chocolate. Sometimes I'm thankful my daughter never got to know him, as it's saved a bunch of tears. Other times I think it's a pity.

I wasn't going to bother to tell this to anyone.
as it stands, the only people that know other than two fellas on site is my wife.

and I wasn't going to mention it... purely out of embarrassment.


'hello, this is alison from the water corp. how are you?'
'...and how is benson?'
''good. really good.''
'okay. umm... I'm calling to tell you that we've located rochester. I'm afraid with the recent storms he has shown up on the beach and we thought we should let you know. he's with the city rangers and we'd like to know how you would like to proceed...'
"what are my options?"
'well I'll just let you know... they can place him in a bag and then a box and you can collect him or you can have him cremated and boxed and then collect him or, if you want, you can just leave him with the rangers and they'll deal with it... you know, if you didn't want to do anything about it. sorry if that sounds harsh but I wanted you to know all your options...'
"right. okay. tell me, did he have his collar?"
'I'm not sure and I wouldn't like to say...'
"well I'm not sure I can afford to have him cremated today... I think it's roughly four hundred to five hundred dollars and I haven't got that on me at the minute...''
'no no no... we would take care of that. it's the least we could do.'
"okay then. that's how I would like to proceed. I'd like his collar and I'd like to collect his ashes when ready. is this all right with you?"
'absolutely. we'll be in touch.'

"well" I said to the lads "I wasn't expecting that phone call today..."
I then proceeded to tell them what's what...

two hours later

'hello, this is justin from the water corp. how are you?'
''fine. but I'll just stop you right there... I've recently spoken to alison.''
'well that's what I wanted to talk to you about... I'm afraid we have some bad news.'
'yes. I'm afraid that when rochester was spotted it was at low tide. when the rangers went to collect him it was a rising tide and they haven't been able to locate him. they're back out there tomorrow and if they find him again we will be in touch.'
''you. are. fucking. having. me. on, mate...''
'all I can say on behalf of alison and everyone here at the water corporation is I'm sorry for the confusion. I believe there has been some miscommunication.'
'pffft... you reckon..?''
'I'm sorry, shawn. we'll be in touch if there's any further developments...'
''yeah, all right. maybe I'll speak to you tomorrow then. good bye.''

"honestly" I said to the lads "I don't know what the fuck is wrong with some people..."
I then proceeded to tell them what's what... only this time in a nonplussed tone.
the pair looked at me like I'd gone fucking mental and they had trouble coming up with any replies.
it was understandable. I think they were embarrassed for me.

today was a quiet day on site. no one was very chatty and I was left to my own devices.
and if you're wondering... I did not receive a phone call today.

and I'm not entirely certain how I feel about that.
I didn't know until yesterday that I wanted, for a better choice of word... closure. and now I don't know what to do.

so I'm gonna go play with a puppy and try and figure it all out.
Damn man, that's a kick in the balls right when you're getting back on your feet. Apparently city workers meet about the same qualifications regardless of what side of the globe they are on.
Redchaser wrote:Damn man, that's a kick in the balls right when you're getting back on your feet. Apparently city workers meet about the same qualifications regardless of what side of the globe they are on.
That's the damn truth right there. All of it.

today I received a missed call from justin from the water corp.
when I returned his call he'd informed me that the city council had indeed found rochester and has since had him cremated.

how this came about I didn't ask.

all I know is that his ashes are being dropped off tomorrow by justin himself.
if I'm home I'll try and get the full story.

what to do now? hmmm.

latest knee jerk...


last night benson was introduced to rochester's bff. after an initial disappointment from zulu the am staff there was much play and by the end of the play date much love.
I couldn't have asked for anything better.


benson is gay.
muppets....the lot of them....hope you do get closure Shawn.
time to put this in the rear view.

I thank you for your kind words these last couple months.
I'm happy to report that elizabeth has rebounded 100%. and now today, me as well.
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