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By Geezer
For me it would have to be these. Hank Williams Jr. Best, most genuine showman alive.Leo Kottke. From about 6 feet away. Smoked!Jerry Jeff, Texass is good for something. The Byrds, well I kind of remember that concert, vaguely
Tanya the Thai stripper at the Jet lounge in Inglewood. She was a contortionist.Oh, you mean musically ... well, let's see, there was a dynamite Brewer & Shipley at the old Ebbets Field in Denver that was memorable; and then John Hartford at our school auditorium was hilarious. I partial to smaller, quieter venues.

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By Geezer
Donkey show in Tijuana....that was not pretty.Seriously, the best live show I recall seeing was probably Paul Simon, Graceland tour....totally amazing.Most memorable show was Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis. Carl Perkins opened and was incredible. Jerry Lee Lewis came out, played half a song and decided that his piano was out of tune...picked up the piano bench and threw it into the piano from about 15 feet away, then stormed off the stage. Nothing quite like a geriatric hissy fit....
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By flytrap
Wilco - 2005n REM - 1987, 1989n The Verve - 1993n Tool - 1992n The Jesus and Mary Chain - 1990Other great live acts that I wouldn't pass up on ever:n The Stones, The Cramps, The Who, Hank Rollins, Jay Farrar, Neko Case, X, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Chris Cornell, Green Day.
By Fishpaw
Unfortunately intoxication and memory loss restricts recall of most shows…Cowboy Junkies around 1990 in a small club in Chicago. Lead singer (can’t recall her name) was truly mesmerizing. Other end of musical spectrum, again in small club in Chicago, The Smashing Pumpkins (very early in their career). New Years Eve show that rocked like no other.
The David Bromberg Band at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, 1979 or therabouts, with Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band as the opening act. For David's last encore, both bands went onstage and played Sweet Home Chicago. Blew the roof off the place.
Had some most excellent impromptu evenings up at Little Bear's up in Evergreen on Thursday $0.25 shots of tequila nights. All kinds of recording artists used to just wander in, jump up on stage a play a few. Emmylou Harris, Rondstadt before she got weird, Dirt Band, David Allen Coe, Kotke, Eagles even. They were all up there recording at the studio whose name I can't remember any more (was it Pelican Ranch or something like that?). There'd be maybe 20 people in the place, no cover charge and cheap tequila. Of course the drive back to Golden was an adventure.

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Back in high school, there was a place in Scottsdale called Blugrass Country that had 10 cent drinks and 20 cent doubles every Thursday night (plus a five buck cover; sort of like going to a kegger) and a waitress who wore a t-shirt that said [/img]'m perfectly adjusted, so don't mess with the knobs." Anything with your picture and an acceptable birthdate on it was good enough to get you in there. There was always some local 70's country-rock band there, but no one memorable. For obvious reasons, I can't remember much else.
By Geezer
Oh hell! I forgot about seeing Bromburg! Yeah him too! Hmmm Fishpaw said
Unfortunately intoxication and memory loss restricts recall of most shows
Right you are fishpaw. I may remember a few more. n Oh shit.. I saw the Dead in Oregon in 74-5-6-7 ??? sometime in there??!!! . Fuck I wonder what happened to those cells? There may be lost experiences popping up all over the place here.
Originally posted by Geezer:n Oh hell! I forgot about seeing Bromburg! Yeah him too! Hmmm
Believe it or not, Bromberg's over 60 and back on the road. Hope he makes it to Colorado this year...
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