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Blue Oyster Cult and FogHat-First concert at the old Boston Garden. To young to realize how good it was.Aerosmith-at the Garden 4th row,12th row,7th row,26th row,2nd row,19th row, face down in side parking lot, courtesy of security. "What ticket?, I work here".My last words before the lights went out. n The Guess Who-USO tour,on the beach, Guam. No fanfare, no hype. Actually think thier plane ran into mechanical trouble and they had to land. About 40 people there, half thought it was the WHO,and left when they figured it out. Was awesome.n Grateful Dead- lots of shows, lots of places. Never had good seats cause everytime this giant pink elephant sat in front of me. Didn't even speak english,spoke French through every concert, really loudly. I hate the FrenchAllman Brothers- Texas 93 outdoors, great show.
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By Shane
Webb Wilder at the Uptown lounge, Athens, GAAny Hampton ShowsWidespread in some frat basement at UGA circa 1987Neil Young with Booker T and The MG'sWilco at the Thomas Wolfe in AshevilleNeko.n S
First concert I went to was a benefit show to establish the Phoenix Mountains preserve. 1973, I think, maybe 1972. Bunch of local bands at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, with Little Feat as the headliner. Wonderful Russ even took the stage for a while, if any of you old farts from Phoenix still remember him, or KDKB during the Bill Compton era...n Admission was $1.00 and there were no tickets. You just dropped a dollar bill into a trash bag on the way in. First show and one of the best.
Originally posted by medicated cast:n Grateful Dead- lots of shows, lots of places. Never had good seats cause everytime this giant pink elephant sat in front of me. Didn't even speak english,spoke French through every concert, really loudly. I hate the French
Now that's some good acid.
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By wrh
In no particular orderBB king in Northamptom MA mid 80's last show of tour. Played till 2 am just jamming. In MA the bar closed at 1 and they kept of playingJohn Lee Hooker UMASS 82. All I remmeber is noticing that I was up dancing and so was everyone in the place. He kept breaking into [/img] can't get no satisfaction".Bob Marley Providence RI 1980. Don't remember too many details for some reason.Eric Clapton Worcester MA 82. Best guitarist I've ever seen this includes Santana, BB King, Billy Gibons, SRV, Johnny Winter, ALbert Collins, and others
I had one of my favorite artists, Cary Hudson, play at my house after the LSU-Auburn game this past Fall. Under the pines, cooler full of beer and whiskey right next to my chair, and getting to pick what songs I wanted to hear. It was pretty damn special.Saw Gillian Welch and David Rawlings play in Huntsville, Al two years ago. Pretty amazing show. Gillian is my life.Everytime I see DBT play. They leave nothing left in the tank.
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By Jon
First rock show I ever saw was the Who in 1967 shortly before my 13th birthday, went with the neighbor kids whose parents were a university professor and a painter, they were sort of in transition from beatniks to hippies. My folks never would have let me go, of course. Frank Zappa in Buffalo in the mid-70's, a snow storm had all but shut the city down and the place was less than half full. Fortunately the band was already in town - I think they played even better than usual in appreciation for the audience risking life and limb to get there.Zappa again, double-billed with John McLaughlin's first Mahavishnu Orchestra in Rochester. A strange combination of musical styles that worked better than it should have.New Year's Eve 1980, the Kinks at NY's Irving Plaza. A friend of a friend worked for the promoter, we got free backstage passes.John Lee Hooker, Bottom Line, mid 80's. Simply awesome, the man was a legend for a reason.Lucky Peterson and Buckwheat Zydeco, third or fourth row. Labor Day weekend show (the promoter must have been on the pipe) easily half the seats were empty. Lucky likes to wander the audience thanks to a wireless transmitter for his guitar and he sat in the empty seat next to me for a while. Very cool.
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By Ajax
Jeff Beck- Grande Ballroom, Detroit, 1968The Who- Grande Ballroom, Detroit, 1969Allman Bros- Eastown Theater, Detroit, 1971Pink Floyd, Ford Auditorium, Detroit, 1972David Bowie- Fisher Theater, Detroit, 1973Bruce Springsteen- State Theater, Detroit, 1976Steely Dan- Pine Knob, Detroit, 1994Rolling Stones- Pontiac Silverdome, 1994Don Henley- Pine Knob, Detroit, 2000Dave Matthews Band- U of I, Champaign, Il, 2002
Santanan Deep Purplen Todd Rundgrenn Stonesn Freen Ted Nugentn Steppenwolfn Alice Cooper n Clapton, Townsendn Doc & Merle WatsoAerosmithn Emmyloun Bad Brainsthose are all that i remember i know there's more..regrets, no dead
Live shows '70'sGrandfunk Railroad(my first rock show)n Allman Bros(numerous times)n Marshall Tuckern Edgar and Johnny Wintersn Emerson, Lake, and Palmern Foghatn ZZ Topsn Lynyrd Skynyrd (numerous times)n Alice Cooper(before he played golf)n Alanta Rhythm Sectionn Mothers Finestn David Bowie(Fox theater in Atlanta) (acid, tookn a wrong turn leaving Atlanta, ended up in Macon)n J Geils Bandn Mountainn Humble Pien Wet Willien Charlie Daniels Band(Pre-Jesus years)n Little FeatNon-chemical years (I went acoustic)n Leo Kottken David Grismann Sam Bushn Norman Blaken David Griern Tony Ricen Larry Keel Experience(with Tony Rice on guitar)n Doc Watsonn My last show was 1 week ago.(Infamous Stringdusters)

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