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Thanks for the comments gents (I know, that term is used very loosely). Glad to share a little bit of the Ozarks with y'all. :cool
Panther or Pac 9000???
It's a panther. I've used the shit out of it for close to 10 years now and still loving it for what I do. I've thought about a two man craft but then decided there's not enough people who actually want to fish with me to warrant it!
how do you like those korker shoes?
So far I'm digging them. Only had them on a couple times since wet wading is just getting started. I've had bad luck with water sandals for wet wading and decided that a full foot enclosure was the only way to go for me. Since I already owned Korkers boots and multiple soles it was a no-brainer.
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By fly-chucker
I lime Ozark smalljaws...just sayin :Roll Eyes
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By jerome
This is the good shit... Solid Goodness.
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By austrotard
sorry to get your attention, jerome.
I was referring to a kid from school.

two years is not a coinkydink.
you sad fat bastard.
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By jerome
sad fat bastard???? uh alrighty then.
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By TidewateR
neighbor to the north! I still can't believe I've never fished up there...soon though! Screw trout (with all due respect)...I want to catch a smallmouth. Do you ever throw topwater for them?
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