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By fishskibum
Damn thanks for remindin me why i tend to slip pics into the unworthy of a tr threads
and am jelly of your ability to mix the words n pics in such a strong manner
good shit
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By FormerlyChaseChrome
Thanks for all the thoughts…
they are much appreciated.

Some things cut deepest and sleep rarely comes…
Calendar still hangs, untouched, over his work bench...
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See you when the storm passes
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By SageBrush
Haven't dropped by in a while........this was well worth it.
Strong work CC.

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By FormerlyChaseChrome
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To SHE I never knew…
A passing acquaintance at best…
Now to pick up the pieces, but it has been made amply clear
I am born of my father's dreams ALONE

We need Brian Cox to tell us how to pronounce "DIAFF" in a number of languages

I owe a debt of gratitude to many here (thanks for being there)…I will be in touch shortly to respond to your generosity of spirit…
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By RaZ
Notty saimen this sunday am? i'll be super hungover. it'll be fun.
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Peace, my friend.
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By fatman
anything at all, CC
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By fly-chucker
condolences CC
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By Spicytuna
Best wishes and condolences to the Fam buddy.

May you take joy in the memories that last your lifetime
whatcha tying?

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