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By Transylwader
Im not sure if I would want to see her genatiria either. Good call, Nippon :cool
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By MTgrayling
I'd float that.

Just found out Milwaukee sawzalls are acceptable sex toys. Proper tool for the job at hand and all.. Damn.
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By austrotard
reminds me of this bird I knew from tyneside.

and this one time... you're not going to believe this but this one time I found a japanese bird in there.

I swear, that geordie bird saw more helmets than hitler.
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By Trucha Del Mar
Apparently, she's a Waterboys fan. So we have that in common...which is nice.

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By yard4sale
Don't forget to pop the skirt before you make a wet exit.
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By Shufisher
MTgrayling wrote:I'd float that.
I bet you would, but it's clearly tailor made...

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