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By Tailer
Congrats brother! There's nothing quite like it.
By Jed
A beautiful baby. Congratulations to all.

I always wonder at how quickly one can fall in love.

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By CarpeTructa
Enjoy it while you can [cue ominous music] and make sure to check back in during the teen years. Muahahahahahaha. :cool
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I'm just home from visiting my 8 week old grandson, and then a week with my 3 yr old granddaughter while my eldest and her hub were in the hospital to deliver their second, born the day before your Z. My heart is so full of babies, grandchildren, and the awe of my own kids. I can only be happy for what you have ahead, all happiness and grey hair included.

Cheers to the three of you. All the best. :cool
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By Lando
Bless you all.

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By fatman
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By ironman
Awesome. Congrats.
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By The Wandering Blues
Cover Zealand's ears while I shout out a huge


and may you and the Mizzuz give him an amazing life.
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By woolly bugger
Awesome goodness. Dog bless and all!

Bonus points for the Blue Hole. :cool

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