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By CarpeTructa
I miss Michigan, but then again, it wasn't that much fun when I lived there. Oh, btw, fuck Ohio State - the Wolverines are going to slaughter them this season. Hail to the Victors baby. Carry on with part three, please. :cool
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By fly-chucker
I'm liking this so far :cool
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By Average Joe
As requested, I'd brought half a dozen limes picked off the tree in my backyard, and packed ripe avocados and tomatoes I'd purchased at the local Mexican market the Tuesday night before my flight, but I was concerned they wouldn't last until Saturday.

I relayed those concerns to ironman before I left, and he was kind enough to juggle his dinner schedule and move taco night to Thursday.

I was pleased to discover that the produce I'd packed arrived unscathed.
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D-nymph came through with the cilantro and jalapeno, and turning it all into guac and pico required little more than a bit of knife work.

Before the trip I'd asked ironman if he'd ever made his own chips.

His reply was, "Yes. Homemade chips are delicious. And we're going to make them in Michigan."
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He garnished the chips with black Hawaiian sea salt, and they were truly outstanding.
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As for the guac and pico, they came out OK.
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Ironman then seasoned the tri-tip he'd brought with a bit of Santa Maria seasoning mix, and heated up a grill with California red oak.
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A fire was made...
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...and we drank bourbon while sitting around it, waiting for the meat to cook.
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When ironman pulled the tri-tip off the grill, it looked like this.
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Then he said, "It needs to rest for at least twenty minutes. Do we have any foil?"

I rummaged through my suitcase and then came back to the kitchen and said, "I didn't pack any foil, but I do have Saran Wrap."

"That'll do."
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Dinner was served right on schedule.
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Porno Mike's brother brought some kick-ass salsa he made before the trip, so we had that on the table as well
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It was yet another truly outstanding meal...
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... though I found it odd that everyone always gave Sak a wide berth whenever he was eating.
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I've no idea when I made it to bed that night, but I do know I slept like the dead.

More later.
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By pbrstreetgang
I shoulda said yes...
I shoulda said yes... forgive their parents, right?
Fukkin A !!!!! No need to bring avocados to Maine. I'll just pick some up today and they should be ripe by October.
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well done folks, no more playin with knives at 145 am. remember what happened last time.
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By Redchaser
The upside to plumbing like that place has, is there's always someplace to hang a shirt.
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By woolly bugger
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