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By The Wandering Blues
In the world of fly tossing, there's nothing so fine as a TR from Average Joe. Nothing.
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By Transylwader
Damnit Joe! Green with envy, like the rank ass avo's in Raleightown that taste like grass.
Porn n Biscuits was sighted this weekend after a quick trip (albeit skunking) to the OBX.
Good collection of Drakians there.
I need to start traveling North, South and West. Fukk NC, this place has gone to the dewgs :bullshit
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By Woolybug25
TidewateR wrote:lol Fresh out of foil...but latex gloves???

Mike always carries Saran Wrap and plastic gloves with him wherever he goes. Clearly for impromptu grilling of course...

I have pics on my camera I need to download, but as expected, Joe is running down a nice report. His account of our 3-hour tour across the Rez should be entertaining.

These boys adapted to the Michigan Fishing Clock (i.e. Fishing until 10:30-11pm and still drinking/cooking after) like peas and carrots. I'm still giggling and telling my wife "we'll talk later" for no reason whatsoever.

Awesome time, gents! :cool
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By RockyMtHigh
I always enjoy your reports Joe! Looks like it was a great trip for sure.
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By Average Joe
I woke the next morning to the smell of D-nymphs incredibly good pancakes and sausages.
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It wasn't until after I'd risen from bed and made myself a plate that I noticed a new face among the group. I turned out to be

DayTripper, who'd arrived sometime after I'd gone to bed.

After breakfast we headed out, purchased some more beer, ice, and some sandwiches, and drove to this pretty little stream.
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While we were still in the parking lot, I rigged up a five weight I'd brought, added some 4X tippet to the leader that was already on the reel, and then tied on one of the mayflies I'd spun up specifically for this trip.

Sak, D-nymph, and Porno Mike's brother went upstream, while ironman, WB25, DayTripper and I went down.
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When we got down to the stream, DayTripper looked at me and said, "Ready to fish?"

I looked at the soft grassy bank and the beers peeking out of ironman's pack and said with as much exuberance as I could muster, "Sure."

We waded out into the stream, and DayTripper said, "Hand me your fly rod."

I complied, and after giving it a brief glance he asked, "Did you tie this fly?"


"What size tippet do you have on the end of this leader?"

"4X," I replied.

He nodded, then put the tippet between his teeth and bit off the fly and handed it back to me. Then he bit off the tippet I'd just tied on in the parking lot and pulled out some tippet from one of the spools dangling from his lanyard.

I heard a cackle come from the bank behind me, followed by "NICE JOB RIGGING UP THAT FLY ROD, SPORT!"

Fucking ironman.

DayTripper was adamant about giving me the full guide experience, so he then tied on a new piece of tippet and one of his own flies.

Once he'd finished, he handed me the rod and said, "Let's start working our way upstream towards those rising fish."

So we did just that, with him always standing to my left and occasionally saying, "Cast there."

It was a beautiful little stream.
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Because he's a very polite Midwestern gentleman (i.e., nothing like ironman), DayTripper never once made fun of my casting, even when I put one into the trees. With his guidance I even managed to hook a beautiful little five inch brook trout. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a photo of it because my he had it off the hook and back in the drink before I had a chance to pull out my camera.

DayTripper had a rod with him, and so after awhile I turned to him and said, "Aren't you going to fish?"

"In a bit," he replied.

I made a few more casts and he said, "There's some risers upstream." He then started making his way through the water ahead of me.
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I decided to give him some room and held back, because I'm polite, and because there were beers on the bank calling my name.

I turned around and headed to where ironman was sitting, and together we watched DayTripper stick half a dozen beautiful little brook trout.

At quarter past four we headed back to the parking lot and drove to another river and put in the boats.

DayTripper, D-nymph, and WB25 ran shuttle while ironman, Sak and I were entertained by one of the locals.
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Once the boys returned from the takeout, we jumped in the boats and headed downstream, and I enjoyed another beautiful afternoon on another beautiful river.
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Just like the previous day, I saw tens of thousands of mayflies, but hardly any rising fish.

I managed to catch another small brookie, and when I removed the fly from its mouth it squirmed out of my hands and fell into the bottom of the raft. Normally this would be a bad thing, but DayTripper's raft is self-bailing, and once he puts it in the water the floor immediately fills with approximately two inches of water. I watched the brookie swim around the bottom of the raft for awhile, then scooped him up and released him back into the river.

Just before dark DayTripper dropped his anchor, and for the next half hour or so we waited to see if any larger fish would come up to feed.

None did.
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Eventually we packed it in and headed back to the house...
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... where ironman cooked up some asparagus to accompany his award-winning pork chops.
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Dinner was right on schedule...
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...and was followed by a nightcap or two around the evening fire.
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More later.
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By fishskibum
made me hungry, miss the midwest and wonder if i should blow off work tommarrow and go fishin
above average as u do
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By woolly bugger
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By Lando
Not just one, but two fish?

:bomb :bomb
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