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By fishskibum
THe photofuckits peeps finally gots theyre shit back togather
back in nov
cranked out 50 in 4 days and took my fun tickets hitched the tupparewhare mothership hog onto the yota to go

left o dark thirty and made it almost all the way before the blinding orb of warmth showed ups

first hour was still in the high 20's with guide freezing and running line knot tanglage frequent sending the bum into the penalty box which means watching water go by or anchoring up and pulling wet frozen rope

things warmed up fast and got better though
the row and throws or drive by streamer shootings a takes time to master skill
and a willingness to donate flies to the river gods
a few heads up porpousing emergers with a piscatorial purposes
an old dude walking his dog was our only company on the river that morn
almost rigged a dry rod but
stubbernly threw the junks
and caught a buzz
down sized and got the loop knot line crackering big thumps on the swing
lumpy and the denali den had just got there when we floated into camp and the carpsdiem showed up shortly after
ran our shuttles and grabbed the j couda smoke one i cant recall
somewhere in the neighborhoods of 420 casts and i bets there was another fly peircing donation a new leader and a few river miles later i stucks a nice brown


#freedombirds #muricayeahs

put the wormfisher bro up front and he threw well but didnt git attached to the troots
and i thinks the lumpster swung this one up bonus cool points 2handered spray awarded
which got rescinded pretty fast
for piss poor line management
and j hooked a few
we missed the bambi crossing i guess
but j got a shot
pulled out early which is late now
went back to camp drank alcohol are chili dogs around the camp fire before retiring to the denali den of creature comforts
till sumthin bout the morning light
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By fishskibum
fishskibum wrote: Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:58 pm

the better 1/2 has a large tight polish catholic family
The mrs. dad Rich passed away from a heart attack a couple winters ago
i miss the guy, he had the ability to fix remodel build or engineer bout anything and a work ethic my slacker ass sadly aspires to.
stoked i got to float him down the snake fore he left us
Since then we've referred to her mom her sister and richs sister as the holy trinirty
well the neices hs graduation wifes bday ment they were comin to town
been buggin them to get the flaming g on with us
went up early and floated a quick A before the showed up
celebrated the mrs, b day with dinner and a red canyon sunset
powers that be decided somes erdanghered snot nosed humped back minner needed a spring flood to better procreate
not that i dont think it does wonders for the fishery and river health wwiw
and not that the aspect of a 5 hour inlaw float being condensed by half was a bummers
or the majority of the one manned trying to row kick or fish captain of their own craft crew being outgunned and absent
8680 both bypass barrels bitches
my bro came along despite the well the first couple days of high water aint never fished great warning and if ya gets em it'll probably be a heavily weighted big bobbers slut rig
rented a raft and after a safety briefing for them or 2 or 10 for us set out
got sum new sticks as the mrs. isn't happy with 10 1/2 foot counter balanced clunkers
switch over to row sum rubbers or toss sum junk outta the back of the raft
follow me and i'll eddy out before steamboat rapid if ya don't wanna run it
and no anchoring or pullin over in this flow cleat it well knifes on the rod tube
well next thing i know the wifes not eddying out up along shore oar outta the lock fuckin with the anchor in panic mode screaming
thanfully she took the get the fuckin oar back in get your shit togather and row intructions and the 10 1/2 year old geriatric god 2 senior citizens whose life skills dont include swimmin and a boat full of most of the gear i own manged to
straighten up and catch the wave bump off the largest boat eater in the river
the mrs. and i help pull some people and a raft off that rock and helped out a ducky drama situation last time we floated high water
so i'm thankin the karma dogs and sweets baby jeebus for the trips oh shit moment being somethin they'll laugh about
after a bloody mary and reiteration of safeties briefin we rowed down to the small hole, took a small one over the bow
for a bonus
Toph and i decide to take their let us buy your b shuttle bonus offer
woulda been better if the shuttle people didn't show up an hour early all sad puppy dog eyed and me being a sucker for not making another senior citizen sit in the heat for an hour
ment way more shit than needed endin up in the boat
took the slut rigs all off about 1 cast to score a fatty bow who wont be makin an e apperrance due to either bad fish handling poor rowing or photography probably the trinity of fail
did gets a few brownies 2 eat
not that the photography improved much
found one of the river shrines
left a shot o jag and the reninants of a luau lei for blessings received
when the fishin gets tough
the tough ask for a divine intervention or stronger brew
fly retrieval skills were honed
the fruitations of friends labors were consumed.
topher wants to know why my god aint in the mag
cause i don't pimp him or i hards nuffs he's worthy though
hes gots a bad tumor growin on his eye gonna try n cut it off this week
if ya got a spare goddy prayer or positive healins vibes toss it his way got the trinty of holiness and the rest of his fam hopin positives prognosis for hims i just savor the bonus years and every rodeos he's still ridin in
1st rule of groover duty
if your gonna shit in the woods scenicshitsmatter
and when jj sings songs of riversboats listen
ate well celebrated hard till it was sunday a day of rigthtousness
slept well and dreamt of hogs my present level of bummery is gonna make hard to aquire
awoke n went to morning mass
loaded up
scouted safely
n sent er
in memory of father in law
and the pretty good not bad creedo
had to go back and fix that shit for my fil and jp
cant puts all my stuffs in the nofishmitch strange times wuflu thread
photofuckit cnt seem to git its act right on
went in april
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By fishskibum
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By fishskibum
got the green thing on last week/end with lumpy his bro and my greenie brahs
I try to fish and ski with my bro pc at least once a year. he stood beside me as a best man we're his daughters godparents
i told him/them catching was tough
he scored cicadia madness last year and not to expect anything near that in the god days o summer heat
there was bugs
drugs are a given
the greenies got it, a young yearling ambling past the takeout, on video, and the ranger stopped by later that night while i was out swinging and she was cool
im bummed i missed her as im not sure whats happening down there they leveled or moved the ranger house from jarvie
not sure if their gittin a new one
tfb cg got redone and the price per night 2xed
the fire last month crossed the road but props to our blm wlff crews got contained before it got near the river
rapids got ran
swimmers limited to sheldon
we got buzzed
and our identify as a mermaid im gonna river prancercise while you try to swing in front of camp gogan:the_finge
there was wind
haze o plenty

lumpys bro had complications from a previous eye surgery and what started as a slight irritation turned out to be a detached retina and a trip back to slc and surgery before driving back to WA
the greenies really wanted to float an A
on saturday
i rousted em early and managed to git shuttles ran and on the water by 8
stuck a few outta the gate
the yellow of the dj resort blue of the fg lodge and red of the tcf hatch of rubber caught up
we stopped at a nice beach for lunch and to swim the god
damned if aquaman and his rubber duckie and yak crew decide they wanted that beach too and paddling down to the next unoccupied one would take work and strokes
so we social distance split
diving boards a better lunch spot anyway
gots a few mur troots to eat the foam
pulled off the river bout 420
found out pc's dad had passed away in a retirement/altheimers home.
one of them blessings and a curse as his quality of life had continued to diminish
He split to take care of fam
his bros and i hung for the night poured a few sips out and down the hatch
i got up and out early torn tween swinging some runs on my way home and workin on my needs it 2 hander game
and the takes 2 hands to hold a + 30" pooper addiction
cause i had a good 3-4 hour weather window and hadnt poop fihed the gorge much this season
spring creek was packed and i couldnt find a good social distance launch spot so
we threw on in jug hollow and went lookin for targets
very few and far between
as you enter the back bays of the gorge the water changes from clear to a greenish algae hue,
finally found a player in shallow gourgin happily, albiet in much more flooded timber than id perfer watched and waited for it to come into an opening
took a couple shots , which you dont often git
got the eat
lthat initial eat, the hookset, and a wtf just happened pissed off +30'' of big brown torpedo in a foot of water is why im an addict
the rest of the games fun and sure theres some skill involved in playing and landing big fish,
but for me the highlights always that visual eat the hook set and the first run
thankfully after the shallow water sheninigans he ran out and deep into the backing
got the line back and had to row the boat one armed out into the middle
made another good backing run in towards the usually game ending flooded lumber yard but turned him and got him out deep again
from this point it becomes a within 50 yards tug o war of bent whippy sticks
bringing his head up and keeping the stick out from the boat and my hdpe needs a sanding of hanging chads and dangling participles from my wy mt bump and grind road trip, bottom:tongue:
a 1/2 dozen passes and another 10 minutes or so and we puts em in the nets
my nicest pooper of the summer so far
33 ifin i stretched them Jagger lips
clouded up bout noon had i more decent shot on the way out
stooped to git safe and do puppy stuff
happy tails and god speed your next journey mr c
them stupid smot pokin kids you used to bust skippin school in the basement
well we like to think we turned out alright
well at least yur crotch fruit
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