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By fishskibum
THe photofuckits peeps finally gots theyre shit back togather
back in nov
cranked out 50 in 4 days and took my fun tickets hitched the tupparewhare mothership hog onto the yota to go

left o dark thirty and made it almost all the way before the blinding orb of warmth showed ups

first hour was still in the high 20's with guide freezing and running line knot tanglage frequent sending the bum into the penalty box which means watching water go by or anchoring up and pulling wet frozen rope

things warmed up fast and got better though
the row and throws or drive by streamer shootings a takes time to master skill
and a willingness to donate flies to the river gods
a few heads up porpousing emergers with a piscatorial purposes
an old dude walking his dog was our only company on the river that morn
almost rigged a dry rod but
stubbernly threw the junks
and caught a buzz
down sized and got the loop knot line crackering big thumps on the swing
lumpy and the denali den had just got there when we floated into camp and the carpsdiem showed up shortly after
ran our shuttles and grabbed the j couda smoke one i cant recall
somewhere in the neighborhoods of 420 casts and i bets there was another fly peircing donation a new leader and a few river miles later i stucks a nice brown


#freedombirds #muricayeahs

put the wormfisher bro up front and he threw well but didnt git attached to the troots
and i thinks the lumpster swung this one up bonus cool points 2handered spray awarded
which got rescinded pretty fast
for piss poor line management
and j hooked a few
we missed the bambi crossing i guess
but j got a shot
pulled out early which is late now
went back to camp drank alcohol are chili dogs around the camp fire before retiring to the denali den of creature comforts
till sumthin bout the morning light
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