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By CarpeTructa
Looks like your road trip turned out as great as you had hoped it would. I've got a few days left on mine but I have this sneaking suspicion that my pictures aren't going to be anywhere near as good as your pics. Great stuff. :cool
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By The Wandering Blues
2 things make my day; a cold IPA at the end of the day and seeing a TR from Eph...
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By fly-chucker
I guess you did :cheer
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By Ajax
Very nice.... And thanks for the contribution to our economy back here.
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I love that place. ANd bears. So thanks. :cool
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By fatman
fine trip :smile
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By K_P
I'd wondered where you'd been.

Outstanding, as always. Thanks for including us.

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By Bobwhite
Beautiful. No need for words.

Thank you, Eph!
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By kish
Lots of times when you see a girlfriend/wife in a report they look out of place. They look like it's the yearly trip they take to make their man happy, but they'd rather be at the mall. That does not apply to the pigtail girl. She looks right at home. And cute as hell. Good stuff.
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