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By hotspur
"Don't waste time tying knots" says Orvis of its dropper rig holder (below). Personally, I go fishing for that reason alone: to waste time. And I like to take my time tying on a dropper. Sometimes, I'll even cut the knot I've just tied in order to tie another, not-necessarily-better knot. Sometimes, I tie on a dropper and then cut it off without explaining myself to anybody. Sometimes I just sit by the stream and watch. Sometimes I just sit. Image
By ktaylor
Speaking of cell phones on the river, I once received a call from davisfly standing in the middle of the Provo to tell me about the brown he currently had on. If I wasn't 700 miles away at the time I would have drowned his stinking cell phone, filthy braggard.
By Deerhawk
Hotspur,n You nailed it man! I love steping out of the shooting zone to remove, inspect, tie, re-tie, or otherwise just "Space" on the beauty of my suroundings and say to myself "Damn bro, it don't get no better than this". A few months back I had 4 cow Elk cross the Wilson 100 feet away from me during one of these "Tieing" sessions, magnificent! :(
By Brookwookie
Last summer I had several encounters with what was probably the same mink. I'd never have met him or known where to look for him if I hadn't been sitting on the bank watching some cedar waxwings. He nearly bumped into me. No way was that a waste of my time.
By muddler
sometimes i'm too hungover to even wade much less tie a knot. sometimes when i think of stupid things that orvis makes i just want throw rocks at all the dudes with range rovers and dropper rig holders. what they really need is a leader straightner-thingy and one of those hats from "the movie"(not that they arent sweet rides but i just prefer a pick-up) and
By fyshnutz
Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit.

Disgruntled thin mint it is.

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