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By fyshnutz
“Fisherman are born honest, but they get over it.â€
By Orvis Apologist
There's nothing wrong with Orvis. Every company is out there to make a buck and if they say otherwise - they're lying or soon to be in the unemployment line. as Stuart Scott often says "don't hate the player, hate the game". sure Orvis is guilty of producing some real shit, but show me a company who isn't guilty of the same thing. Sage, St. Croix, Bean, et al produces some crap gear amongst the good stuff. there's an evolution to every company. It starts off small, focused, and idealistic; it grows, diversifies and they gain responsibilities (facilities, payroll, benefits, etc). Eventually the company looks to grow a larger market share or tap into new sectors. There are only so many flyrods/reels/vests/packs that can be sold in a year.Staying with Sage: 10 years ago you might be able to find a short sleeve and a long sleeve t-shirt in varying colors with the Sage logo along side their rods. Now they offer rods, reels, fly lines, rod & reel cases, 16 pieces of luggage, stickers, hats, and 15 different styles of t-shirts like this one-n :coffee:

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By Jed
I think Orvis is captialist spawn, just like Sage, Cabelas, Gatti, LLBean, Winston and so on. Each one of those companies is trying to make the most with what they've got. So Fuck Them All. That being said I am sure glad they are there to take my money so I can buy the junk I want (some of which I need).When I go fishing, I rush to pack, set up my rod as best I can ahead of time. I scurry down to wherever, and when I get there... kazaam... I transform into Mr. Mellow. I slow down, enjoy what I see, hopefully get time to fish, but sometimes it is minimal. I saw this last year:
ImageNote the Great Blue Heron in the lower left and the 8 pt. buck in the middle of the river.n Who needs a dropper rig holder for that.

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By stranahan
You know that every company is guilty of having some shit products in their lines. But I do have to say that Orvis is probably one of the worst. I think that alot of these company's try to push some things into the market to catch more fishermen than fish. $$$$$
Hey jed damm nice pic.
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By banknote
15 years ago I swore I'd never buy my fly gear from a company that also sells women's pajamas and I've stuck to it.
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By Jon
Time spent on a river cannot be wasted, ever. And anybody who thinks his time is so damn valuable he can't be bothered to tie a knot has taken up the wrong sport.
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By Nemo
There are goods and bads to every company but I do know this about Orvis: when I put out the first issue of The Drake in 1998, Orvis was the only national name I had (Cloudveil advertised as well but they were just starting out at the time). It was a half-page ad for the local Orvis shop in Jackson but I got a check for $400 from Vermont and it made the difference between me making or not making rent that month. Believe me, when you're starting a business--even a business as inept at making money as The Drake—you remember the companies that had faith in you from the start. Two companies—Cloudveil and Westbank Anglers, both in Jackson—have advertised in every single issue, even when my main form of distribution was out of the back of my truck. So yeah, even though companies like Scott and Sage and Patagonia probably took an even bigger risk by buying ads in 2001 (since I was too broke to even put one out the previous year) you still remember those first few that helped you get off the ground.As for their gear, while the Orvis log homes are a perfect example of over-branding, I think it's great that they sell women's clothing or whatever because the profit margin on that shit is like 80 % so it takes the pressure off the need to mark up the fishing gear. Yes, their clean-cut, sterile stores get to me too, but my lab has one of their dog beds, and he doesn't seem to care what the brand name is.
By hotspur
Golly, I never meant to bash Orvis (I have a few of their rods--no boycott here). I only meant to bash that dropper thingy as the antithesis of fly fishing. I mean, it's just plain evil.But if it's made for guys who're fishing only four days a year, well, they probably ought not to be fishing droppers. Just one more thing for them to tangle. And does anyone else think Tom is lying (rather, employing poetic license) about that dog bed? But if he does have one, I hope it's the sofa-styled one that offers Trask both side and back protection.
By Open Fly
^LMAO^n Orvis is the brand every "real" fishermen likes to bash. When I say "real" I mean the kind that feels he needs to prove that hes above certain things relating to our fly fishing world. The kind of guy whos payed some dues and has learned to catch a couple fish, and also the kind that needs to alert people to his prowess of fly fishing. n We all can agree, if we had the money, some of those leather coats, or deck shoes might just look pretty sporting on us...n Orvis has become the bmw of fly fishing and Im sure that, if you ask them, they dont really mind the title.

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