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Well that was a great trip - made possible by the Drake and all the great friends I have met here. Thanks to CE for the concept and invite and to Hogleg for the lucky touch and amazing coordination and hospitality. GED makes everyone laugh constantly. You're crazy if you don't jump on the chance to travel and hang out with Dibs every chance you get. He's a force of nature and good cheer. Batman and Spaceship Traveler can go with us anytime. Great guys. We caught some pretty nice fish. Surely some of them got photographed. I did set off a couple of Pikeminnow false alarms but it's pretty cool to see those guys run a coordinated wind sprint down a riverbank. We like carp anyway.

I made a million blank casts. CE took great care of the Grover. The river has lots of huge Jimmys to get stuck in.

Caught some river pike on the way up and back. That's for a separate report if I ever land the landlord.

Here's a few that I did take and a sample of the fun whitewater and there was a bunch.

Thanks again guys - look forward to the next one.




It was floating when I went to bed...


Careless "lets just run it" Ethiopian and Batman




I'll bet that's a Scott Rod that Hogleg is pointing with;
he has a special "talent" when it comes to Scott Rods :wink

nice 'glyphs
Some of finest water in our part of the world for sure. Amazing canyon, incredible scenery, deep history, and something stellar around every bend. Last time I was down there we saw a huge bull moose a few miles downstream of Bug Island. No kidding.

Alas, only some nutballs from this joint would ever consider it a fishing trip...

Good job boys.

I'm a strong supporter of glorious failures, and this one appears to have been stupendous. What a beautiful river, and what a beautiful canyon.

I saw a couple of foldy-chairs in one of the photos (which made me smile), and because Hogleg was on this trip I know you ate well and had plenty of liquor.

Doesn't get much better than that.
i remember at some point i asked what ever happened to the artist known for penis infatuation
now i noes
was hopin for a sesame street kid rock and grover cowboy duet
aint there
youde have to count to limit out
i'd add more but i'm going carpin in double digit winds
If y'all were really serious about catching a squawfish you would've brought Willi.

Looks like a blast, I want to do that float real bad.
fatman wrote:I'll bet that's a Scott Rod that Hogleg is pointing with
It's a Sage and it was just strung up in the boat the whole trip so we handed it around. Miraculously still intact.

I used the same rod to point while Hogleg rowed!

Unfortunately I'm full of unsolicited rowing advice, and crap - managed to lead Dibs down a channel that was to be "studiously avoided" and he ran it clean. And I got Batboy pretty dunked with another bad choice but he dried off by dinner.

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