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By Bruiser
Well that was really good. Fishing is amazing sometimes. That's the type of trip that makes people move. :cool
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By marlo
well done dude, thanks for sharing.
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By foureyedgeek
Now that's one Suk-worthy TR. Thanks!
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By fly-chucker
Well that's a nice little road trip :cool
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By Spicytuna
You boys did it up right. Love that river and have done at least half of that drive.

I am dying for a week plus road trip right now.

At least I have yours to hold me over.
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By D-nymph
And I figured you all were going to Montana until I saw those lit up cliffs. Well done. :cool
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By Nemeth
This is why I love this place. Very good stuff sir. :cool
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By -G-
yard4sale wrote:So you only caught like 20 fish? Rookies.

I've chickened out at the top of that road the 2 times I've driven out there. Looks like I'm glad I did.

Next time give me a shout. I'm only an hour away and show you how to take a proper skunking.
After the walk up.. we joked how we'd ride with that dude any day of the week still. And will do, I really want to be back soon.

Randall Dee wrote:Catch any Squawfish?
Dan was the squawfish conquistador


Regardless, CE wouldn't be impressed.

Thanks for the words everyone. I definitely got more than I ever bargained for out of this trip.
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By yard4sale
Ha! You guys find any smallies? I've never gotten one there but am hearing they are pretty think this year. Kind of scary...
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By -G-
yard4sale wrote:Ha! You guys find any smallies? I've never gotten one there but am hearing they are pretty think this year. Kind of scary...
To our surprise we did.. We thought they were just in the river to the east
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By Average Joe
This was outstanding.

I like the way you boys roll: the food, hammocks, the dedication, etc.

I kept hoping to see some photos of those hatchery fish on the grill. That's really the purpose of their existence, and they are damn tasty.

And I'm sure heero is quite pleased that you threw Scandi heads.

Well done.


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