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By -G-
I must admit I was like a 5 year old on Christmas realizing there was more to this.

Between Mitch's superisenly sportingly TR, fatmans photos, and your perfect thanksgiving I'm sure today will be a good one with all those photos and stories fresh in my head.

Thanks fellas :cool
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By Lando
Average Joe wrote:
Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.
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By Transylwader
That was indeed a grand Thanksgiving.
Them falls, mayne... :smile
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By RockyMtHigh
Wow. Fuking awesome all around.

Glad you caught fish, Joe! Makes for a fine day.
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Damn Joe. Well played.
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By pbrstreetgang
everything is good

these made things better. The One Star TR is five-star reportage
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By foureyedgeek
Good stuff fellas, vicarious adventures are good for the soul.
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By fallen513
I've fished with fatman, the 'tard and Jose... I need to meet up with MT, yard & root one of these days...

Those crabs...
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By austrotard
confession: I peed off our cottage porch so much they should be painting the lawn.

relates: if you'd like me to do something tell me not to do it.


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