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damn fukn sublime!
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By fly-chucker
FredA wrote:You don't carry an axe!? That ain't the end of the road. It's another 1000' up the road at that big high hanger.

That was pretty damn sweet. Beautifully done. :cool
get some proper tools, drive that bitch right up there

other than that, well done :cool

I'm too fucking old and fat for a 3 mile hike in the winter
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By -G-
Glad you guys enjoyed it. Really fun trip we can hopefully make a tradition.
yard4sale wrote:
Is that an inflatable lean bar? Never heard of such a thing...
I was pessimistic at first but it suprisenly doesn't suck. It's the 'outcast striker'.
Bears Fan wrote:I could practically feel the warmth of that soup. Good stuff!
My mother always sends me home with her soup for 'when I get sick' but equipped with fresh soup after thanksgiving I couldn't resist. Hopefully she's well aware of steelhead fever by now
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By Ginseng Sullivan
Fishing the tiny GL tribs within the city limits along with a bunch of neo-camos is one thing.

Fishing GL steelhead where you see more Eagles than anglers is a whole 'nother story.

Hopefully most of you noted the difference.

Nice job G.

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